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RT @txrdisparrow: idk im seeing some of y’all be real picky about stuff and im just sat here feeling real grateful that we got a seas…
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RT @SamWalksALot: "I am not a day of season, For thou mayst see a sunshine and a hail In me at once. But to the brightest beams dist…
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RT @doodlyguy: Drew some humanized Freddy and Chica, may draw some more later if y'all like these. #FNAF #fnafsecuritybreach
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new season is fun and all but wheres late game???
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RT @LeeCamp: The military massacred 70 Syrian civilians in 2019 & bulldozed the site to cover it up. Despite their greatest effo…
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RT @NADSYUH: everyone stop being mean to carina for no reason i can’t stand y’all
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RT @barbieprivilege: Idk about y’all but citibiking is a year round affair and I can’t wait to the winter to weed out the weak
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RT @ImmortalEth: Immortals, y’all ready for @KingFlokiToken push 2.0🔥 🚀SpaceX Billboard goes live Monday 📺Times Square Billboard g…
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RT @sgellison: Everyone is gonna be talking about John Harbaugh's decision to go for 2 instead a FG for OT. I don't hate the call.…
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RT @bekkemms: Find her like y’all found that lady who was licking ice cream
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Rest in peace, Bill Staines. Thank you for all the amazing songs.
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RT @Claire_V0ltaire: On February 25, 1996, two bomb blasts in Israel, which killed 25 people and wounded 77. By March 1st, 1996, the to…
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@Oilfield_Rando @FearTheFloof sure, paying people to stay home has worked out well so far. we should just go full…
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RT @NoPauseTv: She called her bf to come fight her coworker and... 😐😭 stop letting ppl set y'all up to fight cause once their emot…
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RT @steve_hanke: In Istanbul, an 11yo girl collects cartons on the street to help her family & sleeps on the floor at home. This mis…
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RT @RWMaloneMD: As a new article reveals the levels of influence Bill Gates has within media - which he has bankrolled to the tune…
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My daughter texts me emojis all day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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RT @sarahrxdriguez: you, me & the class war endless thanks to @BSTNMNR for having me out last night, you’re all legends
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RT @archaeoraptor: thread of all my klara shitposts bc thats apparently what im known for in the pokemon fandom
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RT @Akdeepan89: Good morning to all #AK Bloods #Valimai #AjithKumar #AK
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