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RT @Cold_Case_Love: Y’all my son teacher got smart with him today and I had to email her ass.
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RT @nkuleGogo: @courtnationnn @MonaMonyane I’m afraid of women who braid their own hair! That’s some warrior shit. That’s some I’l…
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RT @ilhoonsubi: peniel is amazing. he has a unique tone, and that makes him a unique rapper. he can sing, he can dance, and he's al…
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RT @PissJugTycoon: I dated a 5'8 guy who'd taunt every jacked, 6'3 bro he met until they'd pull their fist back to beat him up, whereu…
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Booker will eventually make it when they sub him for AD
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@edoringorino i grab him and shake him
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@conharrison5 Sigh. Desperate managers do desperate things. You'd think Arteta would have learned by now not to rus…
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@unherd @LukeJohnsonRCP @CharlesWalkerMP Nothing but common sense from @CharlesWalkerMP, more like him needed.
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RT @ESPNFC: Elche's goalkeeper couldn't believe it when Lionel Messi asked him for his shirt in return 😂
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RT @kaitlancollins: Biden is meeting in the Oval right now with several Republicans who were slow or never publicly accepted his victor…
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@MmeNdiayeUK This must be Dad after she tells him of her 'hustles...' 😂🤣😂🤣
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@mjrowland68 @PeterDutton_MP @ScottMorrisonMP An insight into the despotic Australia we will have if…
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@SekouGotNext Because he is. I mean look at him
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RT @lindyli: DeJoy is still in DeJob, while deMail is still delayed. Derail and detain him in deJail!
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RT @mmpadellan: Watching Gym Jordan have his ass handed to him is always entertaining, but Rep. Connolly does it with panache. Thi…
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the way nick stays to hold his hand while charlie reads that to his parents.. the way he actually did his research…
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u know that post abt "which kinky fucker looked at a daddy long legs and called it daddy" yeah that was sehun. he w…
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@AlexGav11 @patriottakes I truly wonder what could possibly be wrong with him besides everything
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@DonaldJTrumpJr You understand being like trump lost him the election right do understand this
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RT @Olamideofficial: Poco Lee’s story about meeting Wiz is so fun to watch. He said Wizkid gave him $100 back then without even knowing…
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