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RT @AdesimiDivine_: Most people don't know this but the emergency number in nigeria is "112" just like 911 in america, you can call the…
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@thedulab Only people that hate on gym bros are resentful dweebs that never put an ounce of real effort into their…
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RT @dark_kenyan: Seeing a new day is everyone's wish but being able to see it remember it's God's plan...give thanks always
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RT @beemyhope_: seriously bts and bighit being vocal about discrimination these past few days mean something. they are dropping nam…
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RT @thisiskeets: see you again in the future 🌿 #BTS
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@RexChapman Good to see a Somali Adeer who’s helping!
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RT @predictions_k: They're the most humblest girlgroup ever. Their attitude is not fake. You can see in every end award shows or anoth…
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@janerubyennie Nini unnie! It's a pleasure to see you here. Well, I've been listening to our song recently, Ice Cre…
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RT @caradojet: wearing a mask is great coz nobody can see me talkin to myself in public
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RT @thegongeye: How Igbo Babe dey look when they see Confirm Guy from South West entering their state.
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@Bladeymark @ClarkeMicah Fairly typical of him from what I see no kindness in the man. Everything has to be his way.
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RT @exoskzstan: ❗️only k stays can vote❗️if you see anyone saying int. stays can vote, don’t listen, it can end up giving stray kid…
1,234 followers     # 4TEEN ?! ★ CARRD BYF !! girl 말해줘 네 마음 바로 지금 baby 같이 올라가자 하늘 위로 all I wanna do is kick it with you 너의 몸매 그린 것만 같아 미술 오늘 의상처럼 네 마음도 씨쓰루     Reply Retweet Favorite
RT @basu_bratya: If the Creators of our Constitution saw what the @BJP4India did with the Farmers’ Ordinances in the Parliament, the…
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Travel miles away just to see this guy. Look at that, look at that. FOURpleYearsOf SHARDON FOURpleYearsOf SHARDON
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RT @H4BBILY: “ Anything you ever need you know I'll be there with no doubt I need you by my side, I hope you're here to ride. I…
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RT @VusiThembekwayo: Be careful of those people in your life that want to see you succeed, just as long as you don’t do better than them. VT
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@Ada1Nonye I’m not a shipper. Wasn’t for Dozo or Ozone. I just like to see great connections being formed between s…
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@Asher_Wolf And this, also: "If people see a well-intentioned law being enforced in a way that doesn’t make sense,…
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Come and see ᴘᴡᴇʀsᴀ🔝BGlexi's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: Miss me?🤪
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RT @FarahR1999: Professors when they see you have 24 hours in a day
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