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RT @GrahamJ18821678: Keir Starmer said he's going to do whatever it takes to win back working class voters. Does that mean he is going to become a Brexiteer? 😀
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So is #BadGirlsClub on Netflix too??? Someone told me season 1&7 is on Netflix but I can't find it on mine ?? Anyon…
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@Davis_404 @PheoSG @kurteichenwald How would you take back the bases & where would you put all the Nukes, it would…
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RT @ITZ_H0PE: twitter crop gone? this is palestine. all of it. #FreePalestine
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RT @Rosendo2Sarabia: Did you know that the Bible does not only speak of religious and spiritual matters? It also tackles science and his…
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RT @incorrectgreeks: Apollo: my back hurts like hell and i swear none of you better comment on how i sit Zeus, after a few moments of s…
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@ericrihlmann @Tesla @elonmusk @nbcsnl @TimesSquareNYC @nycgov Does it have a doge banner on it?
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@JosieLynnJewell @LDutchcouple Hey josielynn. Does it Megan the plastic insert has a hole? Si that you can insert à…
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It's getting late, should I light a torch?
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@SER1897 Maybe they just want to show off their guns? Perhaps it's like getting a new cell phone. You want to be s…
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i want sapnap to hit me with his chin does it make sense ? no do i want it ? absolutely
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RT @ch1mk3nj0y: this topic is sensitive and some of us is not yet ready to talk about it. pero kung iisipin mo, when is the right t…
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hi @TwitterSupport. my friend’s account @duavlipa got suspended and she’ve never violated the Twitter rules. could…
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@MalwareMinigun @zeuxcg Snarky! Perhaps consider how many times those extra checks find a bug vs how many times the…
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RT @shekharluthra: Everyone knows Dayal Optical's Navneet Kalra as Khan Market king who owns restaurants like Townhall, Khan Chacha et…
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RT @alzassociation: If an Alzheimer’s drug could slow memory loss and thinking problems for you or someone you love, would you want it?
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Well, at least it's not herpes. Or do you have that as well?
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RT @ITZ_H0PE: twitter crop gone? this is palestine. all of it. #FreePalestine
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Humility... you don't understand it for your own damned selves. I served you all with a petition..but instead I w…
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Metroid Prime Trilogy su Switch? "Sono molto scettico", dice un ex-Retro
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