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RT @nowdeadbrb: Am i stupid or does anyone else hold off having their lunch break for as long as possible? So then when i get back…
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Wife having second vaccine dose, children clearing up, so driving, assisting, revising, then writing. I will get th…
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RT @andrewbostom: Covid vaccines for children should not get emergency use authorization: "The small risk posed to children by covid-…
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RT @JurassicWorld: Kids, learn your dinosaurs so you know what you’re running from when you get to Jurassic World.
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RT @borgixprxdeli: @SeanDOlfc Crypto gurus think we wanna hear their ball opinions. Mf get back in the sweatshop and tell us what alt coins to buy
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RT @scarra: I started watching house tours videos and somehow ended at if itachi was in death note how did i get to this point...
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RT @inlivwetrust: Relax & STOP worrying🧿 get some sleep..
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RT @SweetTayPie0104: Oh jobs are getting scared!!! They just told us if we were thinking of exploring other options to please talk to th…
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@Ohene_Ab @iam_qelvin1 I get you. That’s why there should be repercussions for their actions. That’s why there are…
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Can it get any worse now since the Tory scum have gained more power in most areas of England. I really feel sorry f…
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@RealMMyers78 Come on....You'll get out of that!!
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RT @thejournal_ie: Coming up on our main story at midnight: Stephen McDermott looks at the rapid spread of misinformation on Instagram…
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Get that bread, get that head, then leave.
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RT @Lorobawa: Covid vaccines for children should not get emergency use authorization - The BMJ
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RT @berrryriot: @ artists who get reposted a lot .... this might help you !!!
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RT @omanavenuesmall: Bag it before it’s gone! Get 30 - 50% off on Khimji’s Aalami Luggage Sale. Visit House of Samsonite to check out th…
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RT @the_amarion: “trust no one” “you don’t need friends” bla bla bla until you are telling your 8years old your marital problems.…
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RT @90sym: when yoongi answers for jimin 😭 he jus knows him the best we get it
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RT @guydbennett: I'm not an asshole #Bitcoin Maximalist to call out the 20% who will make a killing during the Altseason market. I'm…
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@FoxNews For a group of people who think their opponents are weak little snowflakes, these people who are obsessed…
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