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RT @Ropedeco1: A small but necessary helper for serving the table. A cutlery basket will assist you get ready for lunch or a party…
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RT @ShiningBeom_9: I feel bad for saying this but most of our txt fanbase accounts are unprofessional af!!! Doesn't matter if you are…
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RT @cyberalex: A presentation on #Kumekucha by @ShakirinaYouth's @NaimaTwahir which is basically a youth led intitiative that see…
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RT @_Asgardian: Forcing cashless transactions when absolutely nothing works. We use ATM cards, POS and online/mobile banking everyd…
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RT @SoyBentoDlc: No sé qué quiero en mi vida, pero sí sé que quiero que estés a mi lado.
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RT @amooolai1: @A__Ahmed511 مع السلامه فرقاكم غنيمه ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
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#Escorpio: decirle flojo o inútil es lo peor que le puedes hacer a un escorpiano #siguestesigo
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RT @DheyaaAhmed7: @RefugeesCE We are Iraqi Refugees in Turkey . We living so hard life . We waiting many years without getting resett…
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I feel like I just walked outta a warzone... And I fucking love it 🤘🤘🤘 @IronMaiden @theravenage @lizzy_0727_
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I finally finished my art for the @FicFacers Auction! Here is a smaller copy, so you can see it. I don't usually do…
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RT @NUTORlOUS: it isn’t my responsibility to rebuild a bond that i didn’t break
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RT @brysonadahcole: Have you ever celebrated a birthday? I want to pick a specific birthday to win airtime this morning. Reply using #NIGAWD_is7 Goodluck 🔥
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RT @tweetthetube: Metropolitan Line: No service between Wembley Park and Aldgate and Severe delays on the rest of the line due to a s…
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RT @IgnatiusFarray: Las personas que van a gimnasios saben que una de las cosas más tristes que se pueden presenciar en la vida es ver…
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RT @recraved: "i saw this & thought of u" is a different type of special to me.
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RT @JACS_JaumeACS: En cuanto a la forma, además de alguna falta de ortografía, la sintaxis es francamente mejorable. En cuanto al fon…
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@ShotzzzYT @Mongraal Thank you I got a level 5 for English I'm not that smart
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@ZlinxWired Si, si yo me trago también muchísimas mierdas. Pero no creo que esas mierdas perduren en mi memoria y d…
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RT @brooklynnn_: hi guys so I got into grad school and need a new laptop so I’ll be selling my rave outfits / shoes!! if y’all can R…
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