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RT @WrennTheGuide: Wow.. crypto has really changed my life.. crazy
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RT @IamKiraJ: I don’t take joy in knowing that every ex-friend or past lover is doing bad in life since we parted ways. I take jo…
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Watch this video and extents your Smartphone life........................
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RT @iimnkueyteow: being a sleepy girl with a busy life is so hard
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I'm Lucky to have you in my life 😍
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RT @imachan_jituwa: 今夜もご視聴ありがとうございました。 ガストクイズ全問正解で 「ガストお食事券5千円分」を 6名様にプレゼントします🍝 ▼応募方法(8/4まで) ①この投稿をリツイート ②アカウントフォロー 当選された方にはDM致します。 ※個人情報は商品発送以外に使用致しません
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RT @Anthonywodillon: Anytime you wrap your emotional life around the weaknesses of another person, you give away your emotional freedom…
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@genesis_1973 @Ua1qYSI0Fae4kIt @3lines_tateyomi @norinotes ワクチン一本足打法でやってる国ありますか?検査の少なさは下から数えた方が早いくらい。今の東京の陽性率は40%圧倒…
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RT @wolpuu_official: PAんす!ご機嫌いかが?今日の #ベイジャン で #群青ランナウェイ 初回盤2収録「Love Your Life」初O.A.ですって!大きゅんも雄也先輩も「マジでカッケーからそこんとこ宜しく☆」って言ってたよ。これは聞き逃せないね…
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RT @nowthisnews: Oceanographers found the real-life SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star hanging out together on a rock at the bot…
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RT @merelynora: you’re deserving of a lot of things in this life. give them to yourself. honor yourself. love yourself.
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RT @tonyhawk: I was asked during an interview today: “How does it feel to go to the Olympics and not be recognized by competing s…
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@Starkaur333 Your tweets should be made into graphic novel named " The life and times of a merciful psychopath"
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RT @self_essteem: That Shamba boy wa Jalas anakaa soft life😪kukunywa tuu ma Johnnie walker 😎
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@Aoifes_daddy @FalkirkFC A recent study found, 10 out of 10 people die. Life goes on, covid oot the road.
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RT @sabs0ul: i deserve soooo much out of this life. and i’m going to get it. 🧿
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RT @lilgrapefruits: The fact that the episode of sunny where dennis is eating cereal while driving and gets rear ended was inspired by…
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RT @SatlokChannel: Self-welfare is only possible by doing bhakti according to the Tatvagyan mentioned in Holy Gita ji, Holy Vedas & as…
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RT @edwardkolobe: You won't succeed in politics and generally in all aspects of life if you can't defeat propaganda, smear campaign,…
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RT @vinzcentV: You can still enjoy life without alcohol and weed.
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