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RT @frankieboyle: That kids have got to take time out of their childhoods to explain climate science to us should be a matter of profound shame
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RT @LizQuenPExers: Be still our LizQuen heart 😍😍😍 📷 Andie Gil and Liza Soberano
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One day, as she was leaving the house, I told her to be in at a decent hour. She said, "Why, Ashley (her roommate)…
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RT @Emily_will17: Little kids really be tryna kill you when they get mad 🤣
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RT @BTSNoticia: [♡] O vídeo lyric de Seoul, do RM, alcançou 15 milhões de visualizações no YouTube. 🔗 #MPN…
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RT @cinnarollz_: Reminder to be nice to your fellow moos, even if you have different opinions try and understand each other and supp…
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It is STUPID not listening to reason!! The left is not radical, the left is not murdering people, socialism works v…
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RT @Visitsaudi_US: Where in the world could this be? Be the first to visit an exciting, new destination. Get ready to see the unseen.…
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RT @hiitaylorblake: Even in our darkest times, we still have the power to help others. This is Ava, she went missing from my town. She…
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RT @KarunaGopal1: My earlier post saying that @Malala is the brand ambassador of all that is FAKE is proving to be true ! Read on
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【足太ぺんた】[A]ddiction 踊ってみた【オリジナル振付】 @YouTubeより
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This episode looks like it will be lit af. I need it to be the second episode 🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭 #Uyajola99
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RT @panmisthropist: And if that’s not possible, there’s to be no default disaster; no ‘but you agreed to chop off your legs when I lied…
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😍 Brand New! Lush 2BR Apartment, Al Raha Beach! For Rent 👉 Video@ 👉 Video 360 @
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@nailainayat All hindus living in Pakistan should be allowed to reside in India, otherwise they will be extinct soon.
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RT @ImJasmineSamone: Once you realize “ima be good regardless” life gets so much easier
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RT @hololivetv: 巷で話題のイケメン集団【ホロライブFAMS】 いつものアイドルホロライブはいません😭 #ファムズミ に参加した方も、そうでない方も、この動画でFAMSを感じろ! 3Dアニメ「ホロのぐらふぃてぃ」公開しました✨ 感想は…
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RT @rmayemsinger: If Brett Kavanaugh gets to be on the Supreme Court for the rest of his life, l'm totally cool with him having to he…
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RT @fatimaxgomez: its crazy the extent people go when they have so much hate in their heart, woah thats heavy on the soul. Could neverrr be me
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