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«La sanità italiana è arrivata piuttosto fragile all'appuntamento con la pandemia»
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RT @DRovera: Houses stripped bare in #Kalbajar region of #NagornoKarabakh. During 27 years of occupation all was looted - not a…
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@GAMEHelps @TheTBusinessBoy They wont help you via dm they literally ignoring all dm’s. Email their ceo
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RT @CRVT_storage: MMA Break all the Rules #세림 #앨런 #정모 #우빈 #원진 #민희 #형준 #태영 #성민 #크래비티 #CRAVITY
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RT @ElonBachman: 2\ This is a striking claim, because deaths from weather of all kinds are down 90%+ over the last century GWP per…
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RT @gordonwgfrench: Wise words from Dr Redfern on remembering ur a good Dr when being submerged in GMC or other referrals/complaints in…
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NLD team picks itself, 4231 (assuming all are fit): Lloris Aurier, Toby, Dier, Reggy Sissoko, Højbjerg Bergwijn, Ndombele, Son Kane #COYS
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@realDonaldTrump They were bought, you know it. Swamp include them all
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RT @KristaW514: @SmilingDionysos My daughter and I just rewatched all 3 movies for the millionth time. It's so good every time! Exc…
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RT @StrayKidsGlobal: [PICS] (6/9) @Stray_Kids performing #ALL_IN on MBC Show! Music Core (2020.11.28) 🔗: #HAN…
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@imacelebrity @vernonkay all the way! What a genuinely lovely, funny guy ❤
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@AmazonHelp I don’t see an option to do that. They’re all just saying handed to resident - which they weren’t.
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RT @FLlCKERHSLOT: do some of y'all even really care about him? here are larries pointing the obvious that harry looks tired and needs…
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RT @bestskater_: I LOVE YOU ALL, DAMN IT. wtf i swear, we're growing 😾 IM STILL IN A 3 DAY FCKIN LIMIT. WAIT FOR ME. Fuck.
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@anxsmith I really would like him to kill zeke since his motivation has become that, Levi deserves a dignified deat…
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RT @LucasColeyy: Late night thought... seeing all of these “de-commits” and Arkansas has absolutely none so far. Our staff won’t sel…
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RT @CaliConserv1: How come California and New York took down all of the field hospitals Trump built for them if the virus is so bad?…
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운영체제 오늘 들을 강의 끝.. 눈 아프고 머리 아프고 어깨 아프다 이제 운동하고 샤워하고 재무관리 책 읽고 자야지 내일은 아침 6시에 절대로 일어나서 재무관리 과제 남은거 해치워야지
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@MalikkaRogers @101BRANDZ @MikeTes24 @MrJeromeTrammel @TrueKK_ You've no interest in what white people think.... bu…
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Davies, Doherty, Danchez and Hart all terrible last night, failed to take their opportunity to give Jose a selectio…
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