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RT @KingKeeme: Imagine you’re doing your job and you gotta do it in front of someone who does it exponentially better than you.
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@Spinez_ I don't know if I should fight you or shake your hand
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RT @jarvisr0se1: You lose alot of friends when you get serious about life & your goals 🗣
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RT @hskfilm: rockstar jimin as your best friend - 80s
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RT @BarackObama: One election won't make everything perfect—but it could make things better. And that's why it’s worth taking a few…
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RT @GoodSmile_US: The rerelease of Nendoroid Marth: New Mystery of the Emblem Edition is currently available for purchase at the GOOD…
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@PuffballsUnited hey I was playing on your discord server and I got banned for no reason ? Is there any explanation for it
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@chaosinbalance You had no problem being with males before, if you're still attracted to men, why would your experi…
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@prageru Did your followers forget how to read is that why you had to start putting pictures by the choices?
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RT @funder: BREAKING: Universal mask use could prevent 130,000 deaths in the US through next spring, scientists say. So, where…
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RT @DKEvanoff: Biden- "If you make over 400k a year your taxes will be higher." Guys from my high school that make 35K a year-
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Im not a day trader or a chart reader. Im not an expert. I just see what i see. And frankly you have all lost your…
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RT @ChristusX: Thank you. See you next week. We expect that it will be a good fight because your boys will be guesting.…
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RT @HARUTYA1226: K/DA - THE BADDEST full covered by 春茶 arrange & mixing Nobuaki Tanaka (@knobakitanaka) movie Nate (@nate_nate_co)…
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@tjdelaney20 Can tell by your squad you just park the bus then do a through ball for your fast pace wingers / forwa…
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RT @Mashana_: Shoot your shot but if you ugly ima move the goal 🤣☠️
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RT @EAHelp: Hey gamers! Checking in to let you know that we are still working on getting our online services back up and runnin…
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@dbarrett @KDimitratos @rklau @expensify I sincerely hope you're not paying your employees to fact check. Stay in…
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RT @JJK_Times: Today BTS "Your Eyes Tell" composed by Jungkook makes its debut in cinemas in Japan and South Korea for Busan Inter…
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RT @MattieTimmer: #EspeciallyFemale? Um, no, Mr. President. Your turn is nearly done. We’re speaking. 👏👏👏 @MeidasTouch
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