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RT @mewathisbest: #MewSuppasit loves to sing.. Mew’s dream to be able to sing with his idols.. He likes to give.. He got them all. H…
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RT @bp7HK0jwYDcubcz: Yesterday after publishing my post on weverse, I received many messages from the army and saw an RM message too. Re…
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RT @smafuyu_: Look who turned 16 😭🧡🧡🧡 (i just felt like doing a face rev since it's my birthday uwu🤧🧡 so please bear with my ug…
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RT @TabuleyAnim: Lil something that was part of a workshop demo. Not entirely happy with that acting but it's aight.
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RT @manupubby: Attempt to overrun troops at LAC will be met with fire: India to China
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i have class in 8 hours how am i supposed to sleep with my brain on molly mode,,
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RT @naikrakesh: Human rights violations in the Gilgit Baltistan unleashed by Pak army with help of China.
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RT @_Goddessenergy: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo ⤵️ Libra season wants you to really detach yourself from a negative situation, it’s been…
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RT @wolftyla: God is with you today. keep that at the front of your mind.
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@MeMadhu15 Good morning Miss Madhu. May Goddess Durga shower his divine blessings upon you and your family with goo…
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RT @umar5466149: #PMIKOnceMoreAtUNGA There are 1.3 billion Muslims in this world. Millions of Muslims are living in the US and Europ…
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When I’m in CO I don’t want any of you bitches who wouldn’t hang out with me when I was in the same city as you ask…
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RT @AGT: We're getting down and groovy with this DYNAMITE hit performance by @BTS_twt! #BTSonAGT 💜⁷
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RT @whosalex: girls that wear tiny shirts with big pants be cool as hell like you know what jeff hardy i kinda like you
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til then you ina group home with the rest
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RT @AasthaS47780715: Another Morning With New Hope. R u with me ?? #HuntDownKillersOfSSR
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Stop asking rich skin folk about issues. They money got em comfortable with the status quo so they could care less…
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RT @poppin_globe: Get in the zone with @SB19Official for the #NationalGDay G Music Fest! ONE DAY TO GO! 💙💥 Happening TOMORROW at 4…
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RT @honseoule: Radios refused to play BTS’ music because it was a Korean song that wasn’t doing well on US charts. Okay. Now there…
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@BradleyWhitford @AmbJohnBolton @realBobWoodward @realDonaldTrump I agree with you 💯. In Woodward's case he could h…
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