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RT @lilromeo187: there are actual tears in my eyes
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I need to get my priorities straight
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RT @RepKatiePorter: Folks like my constituent David and his husband often face roadblocks in adoption, erected by people who demean his…
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I turn 23 today and this is my advice for every single one of you: Be nice to others or Imma beat yo ass. • Also…
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One of my favorite Taylor Swift music video by far Taylor Swift - The Man (Official Video)
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RT @RavenRaybay: My time is coming and EVERYBODY WHO PUT ME LAST gone feel me first
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RT @1Chimin: Están diciendo que Tae en realidad ya tiene como la maldad dentro, y para poder llegar a ser “puro” de nuevo se tie…
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RT @RollingStone: “Sometimes guys be trying to be too controlling…I’m like, ‘No. I’m still gon’ shake this ass. I’m gon’ shake this a…
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RT @MilionDolarDily: I have 2 of my old prosthetic legs I will like to give out. Someone out there might need the parts (knee, foot etc)…
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RT @lilromeo187: there are actual tears in my eyes
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RT @Mazigburugburu1: Gburugburu’s instagram career is not doing well. Friends, let’s talk about it. Are you happy seeing those insta shi…
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RT @spinubzilla: my favorite movie trope is when hot girl is... surprisingly beer drinking? when she’s girl but eat burger? when she…
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@Darenhutch They’re rent free in my head what can I say 🤦🏻‍♀️ Can’t wait to follow the lads as they descend into the bottom three!
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The men in my life are bonkers, man. Dudes have NO chill. They will TRY it! It’s as if I’m walking around with…
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RT @irene_koo: sorry but it‘s mindblowing to see on here how wildly different the stakes are for some people!! on the one hand, yo…
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RT @atdanwhite: Love this. My buddy is nervous because his long-distance girlfriend asked him to send her a dick pic. This is what…
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@KeyBiscayneGuy Same to you, my dear 🌸🌸🌸
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RT @pledis_17: [17'S 우지] Bye bye my blue WZ
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No matter of a how shitty and stressful day I had today, I’m here watching a show about teenagers with cancer recei…
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