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@Kenos24380920 @elonmusk People acting like they lost all of their money but when it rise to 1$ everyone makes prof…
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@charmeleon_hht @Wykolas true but if it makes his listening experience worse then I understand
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RT @whatifisaidit: Desperate Kevin McCarthy Says Democrats Are Destroying America By Creating Jobs And Ending COVID…
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What makes Jimmy Buckets so dangerous is even during a slow start offensively, he finds a way to kick-start the off…
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RT @RogerBezanis: Vacs? A joke! C19? A bigger joke! Vacs are supposed to give immunity (100% lie). Yes, immunity is a LIE as what…
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just talking ab it makes me want to eat glass
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RT @cmclymer: Beth, of course, cannot point to a single example of young children being medically advised to take hormones or get…
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RT @RCCGworldwide: When you are arguing against God you are arguing against the very power that makes you able to reason at all. ~ C S Lewis
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RT @Crimson_Poison: Having Eden get match on the "want to be kissed everyday by his loved one" makes my heart soft 😌🌹
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RT @dreamjeons: the way hobi is holding jungkook in his arms, their huge smiles... everything about this polaroid makes me soft </3
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@KionnIsDead rawn-boo if that makes sense ?
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RT @taembrat: love how taemin's dance is always relaxed but powerful at the same time, #당신에게들려줄_태민의Advice_0518…
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RT @WillCoForests: From the comfort of home, learn about the history and uses of wax and honey. All pollinators are important, but the…
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@mmmmmcow kevin makes one of th best fanart u should follow him :)
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@AlexVogt1198 Hey live your life, do what makes you happy 😂 I just know looking at my phone and social outside of w…
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RT @Lamyy__: Someone who’s like your best friend and favorite person but also makes your legs vibrate 🍾
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@neonfragment Follow my cat makes amazing ARTS
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@etfortitudo They did not believe the general offices of the church at the time were invalid, they believed they we…
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RT @TXT_bighit: MOA는 나의 마음을 뛰게 해 ❤️ MOA makes my heart beat ❤️ ( #HEART_OF_MOA #TXT_FREEZE
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