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RT @AliceTweets92: I feel bad for Naughty Boy 😞 I think he’s just shy and at that trial he got in his head about how he was doing and…
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RT @DailyofJK: The amount of times he bowed 🥺 bestest boy
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RT @grahambsi: .@BorisJohnson should be ashamed, he’s not. He doesn’t care, we should…
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@Fxrno @RitsonLFC He rates Divock Origi btw
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RT @laurenthehough: Guy at the dog park told me I’m ruining my dog because I call him and he comes then I give him cheese. Guy said he…
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RT @cindyvanthorre: Wait what, what I can see is JM wanted to get into the car with his man JK but the staff pulled him to the other ca…
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RT @Thefrogkilller: They ganged up on Wizkid about Essence, They said if he gets nominated in same award category he's gonna lose, fort…
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@Alex_Gillon I'm still trying to work out what Lewis was thinking. Did he really thought, without any communication…
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RT @NFL_Memes: If you look closely, you can see the exact moment Ben Roethlisberger decided he was going to retire
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RT @LanceUSA70: Remember Evan? Evan loves his dresses! Well, he got a huge surprise from the very famous “The Old Gays” from TikTok.
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RT @MarkieTrill: He commit to Gonzaga yet
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RT @TonyHussein4: General Milley said "We are unique among militaries. We do not take an Oath to a King or Queen, or tyrant or dictat…
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RT @lindyli: David Perdue is running against Kemp for GA Governor The same Perdue who was too scared to debate Osoff & who spen…
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RT @punnyjoonie: oh i know jikook teased the hell out of seokjin about super tuna on that plane like actually the worse pair he coul…
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RT @eternaljjongie: he just like me fr !
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I enjoy my dad asking me what song is playing when he’s in my car lol
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RT @hobisdiminie: Jin is like Prometheus, he gave us fire and now he's suffering for it knowing he can't take it back 😂
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RT @Vic_Rollison: Question - if Morrison is being booed at Bathurst, is there anywhere left where he wouldn’t be booed?
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@Str8_Cash_Homey He was only calling Kubiak's plays.....not too much to figure out. And he led them to a score with…
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@MattBoxer94 Why are you yelling at Drew. Pretty sure he knows that.
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