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RT @HawkTrump: #QAnon God bless the USA! TRUMP 2020 👍👍
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@theschwasound @joekovacjr Trump's no Meyer Lansky or Lucky Luciano... but he thinks he's Bugsy Siegel.
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RT @chipfranklin: While Trump is holding is Independence day rally at Mount Rushmore, let's honor him w/ this amazing bust of him on…
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RT @charliekirk11: America needs four more years of Trump to survive.
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RT @JoeBiden: It didn't have to be this bad. But month after month, as other leaders in other countries took the necessary steps…
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RT @alexsalvinews: Crowds cheer as tow trucks move the disabled vans blocking the street to Pres. Trump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore:
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RT @BoycottUtah: It is Saturday, July 4, 2020. One citizen, I call for the removal from office by any legal means, the impeached fas…
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@g3rmanguru Aktuell freue ich mich vor allen Dingen ( wenn auch möglicherweise wirklich etwas zu häufig😉), dass es…
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@LincolnsBible @mssenator @carlreiner Happy 4th of July and now that Trump has become a Les Miserables style villai…
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RT @Pappiness: Trump's cult is heading to Mount Rushmore. No masks required. This is Sioux nation land, occupied by Lakota Sioux.…
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RT @JRubinBlogger: This speech is like a @ProjectLincoln ad of a Trump speech
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RT @chipfranklin: @tedlieu @realDonaldTrump "Trump is a stone cold racist who is running his campaign as a proud White Supremacist. O…
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RT @independant1492: @JohnCornyn By cutting corporate taxes you reward them and they buyback their stock jacking up its price, then bale…
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RT @aubrey_huff: I’m pro America, pro guns, pro life, pro whiskey, pro toxic masculinity, pro God, & pro Trump! #4thofJuly 🇺🇸 🥃
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RT @FrankDiElsi1: Trump is going to Mount Rushmore, tonight. I'm layin' 12 to 7 he says his face should be up there
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@aaron415sf @DanRather Cuz only Trump supporters think for themselves?? Weird take, but ok.
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RT @LindseyGrahamSC: If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it.
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RT @McFaul: Trump obviously has no idea what words like facism and totalitarianism mean. To those who wrote that speech, shame…
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@RobertGBeckel I heard enough of the speech at Mt. Rushmore to know that Donald Trump has absolutely no interest in…
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RT @foreverarianaz: justin y christian son amigos desde hace años incluso antes de q justin fuera famoso pero justin lo dejo de seguir…
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