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RT @energywebx: This week's @Tesla $BTC announcement is bigger than #crypto and bigger than #electricvehicles, because it's about B…
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RT @itskindred: Call me wacko but I don’t think you can indulge in trading crypto/NFTs and support revolutionary causes. Especially…
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RT @CptHodl: If you don't already know, I'm big into renewable energy. #SAFEMOON
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Very pleased to have a record attendance of Norwegian company reps attending a Tanzania briefing yesterday, organiz…
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RT @DanCrenshawTX: Been a bit detached (no pun intended) for the past month, but here’s some observations: 1. You shouldn’t pay peopl…
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RT @weibostation: 📣 📣 📣 40000📣 📣 📣 🇹🇭 23:00-24:00 account right ✓Continue to send positive energy posts account wrong😭 Keep the pos…
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RT @thenataviamarie: kehlani has the perfect amount of daddy and feminine energy. this shit is wild.
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RT @PaulEDawson: “Geothermal electricity is always on,” “It can provide fully dispatchable power or heat and is scalable in the sam…
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RT @GOPLeader: Six months ago, America was energy-independent. Now we have gas lines. President Biden is well on his way to creat…
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RT @ChrisCubas: All these "Nobody wants to work anymore!" signs have real "comic that bombs and blames the audience" energy.
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RT @polley_helen: An Albanese Labor Government will invest in the jobs of the future, directly supporting apprentices in new energy w…
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RT @fabiandonate: Dare I say, tomorrow’s clean energy discussion will be ⚡️electrifying ⚡️
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RT @vivaaladulcee: I’m almost due bitches keep that SAME energy !
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RT @The_StandardMan: start respecting ur energy and stop chasing people who don't resonate with you
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we need to focus our energy more on voting for stuff and streaming parties than trending spaces about billies perso…
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RT @bradbatt: "Nobody wants to work anymore" has big time "Girls don't want to date nice guys" energy
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@Seranoir_Q then only you as a teacher have the energy to teach XD
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