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RT @kimlaflaree: if I had a gf I’d simply send her every song that makes me think of her
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RT @sharingoaway: bro we are friends... its ok if you tag me on stuff.... its ok if you dm me things you like or think ill like.... i…
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If u saw me u didnt <3
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RT @FiloAlon: 》If We Never Met《 (A Brightwin filo au) Love finds people in mysterious ways and for Win, it found him by brigh…
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@posiposer hi! im open for commission. just dm me if you're interested.
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RT @husnaalhussein: @Roshinee_M Muslims often give their cats their own prayer mat because if not they’ll hog ours 😅
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@robsmithonline OMG! Took me several minutes to figure out what that was. Haven't seen Emmys in years. Ditto for Os…
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RT @ittybittyjmn: imagine if some d list radio host called beyonce a gorilla and she named dropped him... and the beyhive was like “w…
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RT @julianzelizer: Imagine if POTUS and the Senate GOP had worked as fast on an effective national testing system for #COVID19 as they…
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@AngelaK34204696 @LSW12612672511 I've got a bug out bag. Compass, small cooker, first aid, knife, mess tins, chang…
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RT @blackxagustd: "I thought, 'If I will never be able to perform on stage again, then what would my life be?’' I had to do something…
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RT @erodasbaby: if harry ever had a baby he’d go on twitter web app and BABY. OUT NOW. Treat your children with kindness. H
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@dahyunstaff if they haven't reconnected till the next game then you might be able to sneak in
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返信先: If override used du
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If anyone needs a new podcast, I suggest They even have an app:
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RT @ProudSocialist: If you want to help @JoeBiden’s campaign then stop attacking leftists.
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RT @BBNaija: Cheers to the #BBNaija Top 5! RT if your fave is still here. #BBNaija #BBLiveBlog
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@pjf Create a 5km radius map from your home (here in Melbourne) we get hefty fines if we go beyond a 5km radius.…
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RT @fuknjxdn: btw i ship braddison and i want them back bc i believe they the best kinda relationship and i dont like bryce hangi…
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RT @blessmejaedo: Dont stan nct if you cant accept new members in the future. It's already their concept since the beginning. Stop ac…
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