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RT @whitneyhess: My client in Lagos can hear gunshots from her apartment. Her family was at the protests last week and toll gate ear…
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@McCainJack I see you subscribe to my belief that Shakespeare applies to everything.
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RT @madisonbeersbr: Little Mix acaba de lançar novo single: “Sweet Melody” já está disponível em todas as plataformas! 🎉 Siga…
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algo que sempre me incomodou e eu aguentei calada durante os 3 últimos filmes envelheceram ela num nível E NÃO ADI…
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RT @classadssa: New Listing: MPR7020 Disposable Surgeon Gown AAMI Level 3 Price: Check with seller Region: Eastern Cape City: Port…
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RT @justinhendrix: Word salad. Conspiracy theories. Interruptions. Endless lies. The bar is so low at this point the fact that Donald…
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Elizabeth gillies e maddison Brown ao som de 7rings ♥️🥰❤️🤩
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RT @businessinsider: What will happen when Queen Elizabeth II dies?
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RT @BarbraStreisand: Trump has always been nasty to strong women. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Megyn Kelly, Governor Whitmer, Elizabet…
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Parce me tiene mal de la cabeza.
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RT @GROOVYCHl: people were actually starving and the government just... withheld all this food from them? i really hope they take…
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RT @dianelyssa: we don’t have enough alexandria ocasio-cortezes, katie porters, or elizabeth warrens in congress and that’s the pro…
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RT @MCU_Direct: #WandaVision star #ElizabethOlsen has reportedly been forced to cancel her #ArmageddonExpo appearance due to contin…
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RT @TRANSTV_CORP: Mungkin tweeps ada yg berminat tinggal di Istana Buckingham Inggris, ini ada kesempatan lho 😊
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knp ya aku lebi prefer elizabeth taylor as cleopatra drpd gal gadot, pdhl belum liat juga si gal gadot main🤦‍♀️
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RT @latimes: “I don’t make money from China. You do. I don’t make money from Ukraine. You do," President Trump said. Fact check…
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RT @traceyecorder: Trump: no one knew what coronavirus would be @ewarren in January:
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lol whelp that episode was pretty underwhelming. Not much happened! I can see now why they aren’t known for The Twi…
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RT @hmetromy: #KotaKinabalu Seorang wanita yang sebelum ini disahkan positif Covid-19 ditemui mati dipercayai terjun dari tingkat…
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