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RT @DrSandeepJSP: Thank you @sairazesh garu for your contribution to @JanaSenaParty towards a better society on the occasion of your…
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RT @TariqJameelShb: @Thoughtshijabi Don't share everything with everyone. Keep something only with you.Because only U know your feeling…
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@Bharat4Eva Hahahahaha Thank you 😹🥰🥳
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@Reverie_Days Have you got to the part where people start fucking with al making him think he's not real?
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@realDonaldTrump @fondue_chub @FoxNews Why criticize Fox. It’s the only channel that makes an attempt at giving u a…
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RT @one_machala: Here’s a song for you… Smile (feat. H.E.R.) by WizKid #ShareASmile
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RT @_TXTonSpotify_: The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY Spotify Update — [08/13/20] Drama — 5,368,779 (+36,993) Can’t You See Me? — 19,195,106…
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RT @DuchessT_: You have been typing congratulations to other people, it's your turn to be congratulated. Claim it 🙏
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@tylersapussy @genessagariano you right you right
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RT @Indianit07: GOOSEBUMPS!🔥 People of Bengaluru sings "Vande Matram" during the football match for Indian🇮🇳 national team. Wishi…
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@Sydfish I grew up and went to school in Highland Park. Graduated Franklin High School in 82. I now live in Glendal…
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RT @MichaelRosenYes: Hello 18 year olds. What have you learned about government this week? That they govern us to look after us? Or do…
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@mary53228542 You too ! Happy weekend and I hope you are feeling a bit brighter 😘
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RT @DamiElebe: Woke up this morning to let you people know that we need to get Kidd all the way to the end of this show. On no occ…
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RT @kthvante: there was a tweet by a karmy i saw earlier that was like "when jungkook got shy and all the other hyungs turned awa…
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@MarthaXbee @kesiena_lilian My dear see Ehn you are twisting my tweet . I’m saying mandy used MOST HATED IN BIG BR…
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RT @cristinasoh: you think you can hurt me? i watched george o’malley, izzie stevens, lexie grey, mark sloan, cristina yang, derek…
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RT @AchuoKarl: @jaredctate I’ve been thinking all along - how does one safeguards transfer of ownership of digital assets onto the…
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@MrAndyNgo His neighbors assaulted him for chanting in support of the protests, you unbearable hack.
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RT @thisisnotikka: 🦕 P100 GCASH GIVEAWAY 🦕 •mbf me •retweet •tag a friend and reply (as many times as you want) ENDS WHEN I REACH 2K
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