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RT @video_jame: sex is cool but have u ever left ur house without having to explain to someone where ur going and why
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RT @paramountplus: “The Paramount name will be the one that carries this great new streaming service forward into a new era. If you lo…
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RT @shafiii111: Umar Ibn Al Khattab said : “invite people to Islam even without words” They asked “how?” He replied “with your manners.”
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RT @video_jame: sex is cool but have u ever left ur house without having to explain to someone where ur going and why
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Join us on March 24, when we speak with Captain Timika Lindsay, Chief Diversity Officer at the US Naval Academy. Ca…
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RT @michaelchabon: The result is always a dry, disjointed affair, a stew with no gravy, a quiche without crust or custard.
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RT @puackity4k: spell your name without using the alphabet
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@HermanAcuna2 @RELLGames Can y you like stop? Let him enjoy this moment without people being greedy and asking for codes
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Do we also have to believe that the Devils do indeed collect human semen bymeans of W they are able to produce bodi…
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RT @bugwannostra: I'm told the PM thinks I'm taunting him on Twitter. I'm not I'm calling out his bullshit. I didn't fail to report a…
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@eremikaz I'm crying 😂 like sure he cared about hisu but he literally went to marley(???) without telling anyone an…
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RT @noname: this type of symbolism is meaningless without the immediate release of all black political prisoners that were targ…
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RT @catraita: lesbians don’t like men, they aren’t attracted to men/wanna be with them stop saying they are. lesbian is not a…
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RT @Oni_misi_: I grew up without sharing my problems to my parents
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[2/3] And in Paradise there is a tree under whose shade a rider can travel for one hundred years without stopping.…
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RT @marianamilitao_: desabafar c alguém em quem confiamos p falar sobre as nossas cenas é tão bom
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RT @kyiees: romantic shit without having to ask for it is top tier!
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@PeterJa27056176 @NZStuff Oh Peter 😂 can you even tweet without playing the greedy landlord card 😆. Every. Single. Day.
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just putting it on my twitter that i would never disappear out of no where or kms or go somewhere randomly alone wi…
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RT @CryptoWhale: Signs of wealth: - honest, clear thinking - trust your own judgment - not scared of starting over - can survive ye…
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