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No one with a working mind, would ever think that the Republican party is for working class Americans
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@VixMFS @_DanielMC_ @vF_AIMER7 true but u used to 10-0 me and now u 6-4 me i think that means smting lol
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To think that one day people may uncover the meaning behind all the songs I write is both scary and wonderful
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RT @GladysOliviaK: I don’t think I have a dream job, I just wanna be paid. I have a dream life 😭
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RT @RadSimisear: I dont think people know the meaning of "underrated"
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do i really want to be skinny or do i just want to look as androgynous as i can and Think that being skinny will help me achieve that
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RT @Aldousmarx: What do you think? I agree with @beckysargeant80 It's not right that someone can be elected with one set of princip…
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RT @MetaverseNINJA: No disrespect, but can we just talk about and appreciate Foxy Brown for a minute? All the things she did for femal…
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RT @Loyal_ex_24: Most of the people you think have pride are actually good people kungoti havatambe newe chete
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Here is my 100% free Self-Help seminar. Focus on your strengths and try to become as skilled as possible aim for Wo…
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RT @JuddLegum: I don't think Joe Biden cares what his TV ratings are because he understands that being president isn't the same th…
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@videoqirls what's there to think about
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RT @BadFutbolTakes: Ramos has blood on his hands for making people think CB’s should be judged by ‘iconic moments’
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I think the majority of people are done with Trump but the media is always late to catch up! @CNNPolitics @MSNBC
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@markgoldbridge It's wild how not playing much over the past 2 seasons has made everyone think Eric Bailly is a world class centre back
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RT @skyllar_boos: How many tattoos do you think I have
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@SrikanthTalagad @RaeShirer @jmartNYT @CPAC And if you think that he's more evil then that tells me that you actual…
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@WendyKGrant @thatguyreddevil Its not remarkable losing to Sheffield and drawing to westbrom, is it? the end o…
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3-I don’t think any of them 12 in general hate each other but as long as EX9 are under SM don’t even expect any maj…
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RT @lcielia: @ExistentialEnso yeah i think there’s some kind of misunderstanding going on where people think the issue we had wi…
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