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Behind every high heels, there are slippers in a handbag
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RT @NJ_Timothy: 1. Boris has avoided getting into this row, let alone “berated” Brussels. 2. There is a difference between export c…
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@EDD1EPlZZLE @newsmax Probably people outside of your trailer park. There are plenty of conservatives that aren’t inbred.
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There you go! Got my ASOT1000 tickets, couldn’t get VIP though @asot
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@HaitianDOLPHAN1 I’m there too. I don’t think he’s coming to Miami
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@shouldertime [aak voice] haha, stick this fork in that electrical socket over there, you'll be shocked at how fun it is :)
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@Bosslogic Man, I fully believe #dogecoin will hit $1 eventually. It might take 5 years lol, but it'll get there
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There have been eleven rounds of meetings between farm leaders and government officials but each round has failed t…
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Then there are cules who don't wanna see their own players to succeed at club cuz they have agendas to carry on....🤡🤡.
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@EmergingTrail @thisisbenmurphy Can’t argue with that. There is nothing to trust.
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My friends loyalty is unmatched. If they going through some shit I’m there just because they’ll do the same for me.…
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RT @hatemmmabobakr: "For there is nothing lost, That may be found... If sought." Edmund Spenser.
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RT @yellowarrior__: Go there, fight for your dreams. Stand still and be resilient. Ignore all doubts and rise beyond your fears. Never…
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RT @__emdee: always gon be a bitch that’s badder out there on the tours
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RT @MSignorile: There is an effort among many GOP House members to oust Liz Cheney, who voted for Trump impeachment. But there is…
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@perpetualjjk_ jungwon looks cute there
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RT @MtshweniBlack: Let’s just be honest only @DjMaphorisa is there for up coming artist 🙏🙏
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@taegidykes Wipes. Wipes Wipes Wipes wipes Wipes Wipes…
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RT @maryeffrancis: @AngelaRayner I love your accent Angela, it’s your dramatic lurch to the right I don’t like. Remember the crowds…
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RT @bsindia: #wef21 LIVE | There are two 'made in India' vaccines: PM @narendramodi at World Economic Forum's #DavosAgenda Summ…
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