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RT @ansabdn: Since I got married, I've learned that it's better to keep our life private. A private life is a happy life. In a w…
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RT @NaijaAtheist: Instead of History, Nigerians force their kids to learn Christian/Islamic Religious Knowledge in schools. That's o…
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@FrancoAlain Sorry, @OurWorldInData had this wrong this time. I removed the graph.
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RT @MartinBarrow: The Children's Minister, voting against free school meals for the poorest children. That is all.
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RT @brincessbreee: this song went platinum in the hood
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RT @modda__bbh: @bbhsource There may be an error in the sentence because of the translator. My point is that Baekhyun's mention of…
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GiantMilitaryCats account on here and # NatSecGirlSquad are the same, make of that what you will
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None of the above
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@hobocouture0 @Novamoose @PrufrockM @KenGardner11 The CDC, WHO, Surgeon General, AMA, AHA all up until months ago,…
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RT @modda__bbh: @bbhsource Hello, we are Korea's EXOL. The fact that Baekhyun is not seen because of the lighting in the problemati…
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@MartinSLewis I wonder if he gave up his lunch to feed the children? Ignore him. You give so much to others, all he…
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In the antebellum U.S.--a white person just sold a person's parent.
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RT @RedPill_Crusade: NEW: Oct 22, 2020 2:39:13 AM EDT !!Hs1Jq13jV6 Did Hussein contact Matt Murray in attempt to persuade not to publ…
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No problem. Due to what the oil is required for, we would love to make this more affordable so please message us f…
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RT @pedalsingh: If you are worried about if your child will get food in the half term, whilst the MPs go into hiding..visit your lo…
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RT @amaliakalu: We???? So you guys never deeped the lyrics? What did you think he was talking about? Rice and beans?
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Never regret being a good person to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you and their behavior says enough about them.
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RT @cantiknyaaliah: If you are still able to pursue your studies without the scholarship (while having a lavish T20 lifestyle) YOU DONT…
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oomf said that charli xcx was probably the featured artist txt are talking bc she is also credited as the songwriter of we lost the summer 😱
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