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RT @_ewuraadwoa: This weather will make people eat people they don’t even have feelings for 🤦🏽‍♀️
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@SakaLacaBOOOM If people think he’s better than Robertson then yeah
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RT @NeuroErinPhD: Science people, please RT-- Has anyone been involved in organizing a virtual/online poster session? Looking to make…
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RT @rangers_talking: Conforming to social pressure and taking the Knee doesn't improve the life of a single individual. QPR take meani…
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RT @BeerBicepsGuy: Every great pain you once felt will seem small one day. The reason? Experience & wisdom. While you can't immediat…
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RT @RealJamesWoods: A clear statement that Democrat mob rule and threats of violence will not deter the will of the people nor the inte…
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RT @macrodesiac_: 1 in 9 people on your timeline don’t have a job
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@RyanSoulbhoy @misoulradio Just seen you’re down the road! If you know the good man Kieron then we might have a couple more people in common
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RT @SenJohnThune: My full statement on the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg below ⬇️.  We didn’t always agree, but RBG was a tr…
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RT @AdepejuOO: If we, the people watching from home are grateful to have Laycon on our screen this year. I'm just wondering how th…
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RT @undersky_a: Democracy is returned to the people ||| #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฎร #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร
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RT @enhypenupdates: [VLIVE] 200919 After debut, what do you want to do? Heeseung: Concert Jay: A concert where people jump together in…
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@love_scars14 I've seen many people choose IGOR over MAN ON THE MOON. Both are great tbh.
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RT @clivepafc: People have made careers out of criticising Lebron - holding him to a standard set just for him. It’s narrative- i…
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RT @dianazamoraxox: I am so private now ... because people are just not genuinely happy for you.
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RT @GeorgeMonbiot: One of many signs that time is running out for him: people who used to call him Boris now call him Johnson. (Other…
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RT @standwkashmir: "The forces behaved as if nothing happened. In turn, they made us to struggle for the body of my mother for the who…
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RT @Jefforbited: "The SNP’s pitch now is the same as it was in 2014 - they’re asking people to make themselves poorer". Maurice Go…
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RT @ScottZILWarrior: I will give someone $100 in 24hrs all you have to do is RT and be following myself @koinsmart & @honestliving7 Goodluck beautiful people 💞
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@misstaechimkook @hyyhddaeng I mean why people need to bother , if they bark make it unaccebile to them !
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