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RT @aaminasdfghjkl: funny how the side part bad middle part good skinny jeans straight jeans gen z millennial stupidity is gendered and…
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RT @TheyChef: i'm a millennial in that i still own skinny jeans but i'm gen z in that i i don't want to wear them anymore
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RT @BuzzFeed: "People born 1995-1997 are neither millennial nor Gen Z. We are the Drake generation."
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@govkristinoem The rest of you get a pass on this; because you fall into one of 3 categories: you are either 1) a m…
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@EyeOfTheKing1 @jasonappleton Tell him he needs to put content on Tik Tok, All those millennial investors on Robinh…
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RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: This should not surprise anyone who has been watching for the last year. WATCH: Dem Rep admits he doesn't care ab…
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@champagneloner Chaiiii Bloody millennial
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@Montevideana51 @GiocoGioconda Soy Millennial. 😉
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RT @Lionsgate: millennial admins unite
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@vivalahazy @snoogins1967 What a humble brag! Wtf, dude sits and plays apex all day but can't take a break to cook.…
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me ha dado un ataque de ansiedad de lo triste que me siento mientras cagaba por intolerancia a la lactosa, creo que…
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Norman Foster's use of scale, is an amalgamation vernacular, of millennial surprising.
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RT @ParkerMolloy: Millennial vs. Gen Z: Bisexual: +125% Gay: +5% Lesbian: +75% Trans: +50% How unbelievably stupid is Greenwald? Th…
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New Episode! This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Brandon Fong. He is the founder of 7 Figure Millennial. He teach…
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RT @ParkerMolloy: Millennial vs. Gen Z: Bisexual: +125% Gay: +5% Lesbian: +75% Trans: +50% How unbelievably stupid is Greenwald? Th…
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I’m a millennial, environmental lawyer, and a lesbian. Can confirm I know more than a few lesbians my age or younge…
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RT @uptightlesbian: I’m not gen z I’m not a millennial I’m a swiftie
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RT @Mom_Overboard: a serial killer dubbed the millennial killer and when they ask him why he did it he says because killing people is "spicy"
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RT @PrincessOfSour: The only way the Frasier reboot works is if Frasier is now the old r Martin Crane figure living with his exasperated millennial son.
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RT @aClassicLiberal: Woke millennial women 101.
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