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RT @38_MKA_kubi_19: "Valiye it diyen biri belediye başkanı oldu" demiş . İyi de Tayyibe hırsız diyen sen İçişleri Bakanı oldun... ??
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it's no longer "what's your mbti type?" now it's "which taemin era are you?"
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Then I get more insecure because, maybe next week, no one's going to read it, and then I might not know what to dra…
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@TheWobblywomen I guess yeah. My friend must have misspelled it. Swaram Hospital.
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Israel supports terrorism! Israel is the real terrorist! Israel and it’s supporters deserve worst. #Israel…
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RT @rmfrvrain: this is why if one is given the opportunity to vote, do it wisely. With the Philippine elections coming, don’t be a…
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@obiwanishinaabe i am wondering if it is possible to gather/talk about harm-reduction & cocooning those drifting aw…
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RT @ChoudharyRimps: The unexplained injuries and allegations of a broken leg added fuel to the murder theory. So why it is always dragg…
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RT @H1GHRMUSIC_TH: [PIC] 110521 : ภาพจากไลฟ์ของ JAYB ค่ะ (1/3) เจย์พูดในไลฟ์ของ JAYB ว่า - ตอนนี้ยูคยอมกำลังซ้อมอย่างหนัก - เพลงใหม่…
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@JCPinNWWales @haven @Tyrone__C “it says on your CV you’re a ‘Black Patch champion’ can you tell us more please.”
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RT @chillanimebeats: this is the first time we haven't talked in days and every day it has rained
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RT @Itzy_theMafia: Th reason why I always encouraging other midzy to stream hard and vote MITM, it is because there is a lot of kpop g…
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RT @TomiLahren: The real disease is liberalism and it’s a pandemic.
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RT @light_pizzaa: @emilykschrader @Modassirhassan If this shows anything it shows how stupid you are, comparing a civilian collecting…
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RT @ManMundra: Hope you know the cost of the oxygen plant. And how many is he importing. Let’s get the import documents. Enough is…
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RT @m7mdkurd: That soldier with a stone in his fascist face? Decolonization. That colonizer car and surveillance cameras in flame…
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A calico kitten is extremely piggish, unless it has wet food.🙀
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@jeffzrebiec @Sundaram_Rahul @TyronnnO @Ravens @sgellison If interpreted literally and if the “player got picked ri…
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RT @NotMrSatsuma: When you get an Oran Berry but you didn't notice the name was misspelt. After eating the berry, it seems to passive…
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Preach it! #standbyisrael
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