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RT @Sarinski_: Il Gemelli è il segno più bugiardo in assoluto ma chi non conoscerete mai davvero è un Pesci
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RT @nainalagee: you made her fall so deep in love with you and backed out i- @sidharth_shukla
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RT @aribtsmoon: hobi said his goal for this year is to find someone, the one special and close person to him...yall he wants to fal…
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RT @jack_hendon99: No one ever made this kind of a stink about the organization playing wife-beating, sub-replacement Jose Reyes ever…
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Let's not fall in love - big bang
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RT @ColorsTV: #ShehnaazGill or #ParasChhabra? Whose team are you in? #MujhseShaadiKaroge #ShehnaazKiShaadi #ParasKiShaadi
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RT @thefarwrong: @PatTheBerner @nvdems thats called 'voter suppression' Its common tactic here in this undemocratic country
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RT @ewarren: I’m honored to be joined in this campaign by Latina leaders who are fighting for big, structural change. As preside…
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RT @premierleague: 🔴 @ManUtd beat Chelsea 4-0 in August thanks to some fine counter-attacking football @adrianjclarke thinks Bruno F…
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@z1a1i1n @PaulTod75743149 @guardiannews It’s definitely in need of an overhaul. The licence was originally for the…
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i have decided to not include woojin in anything stray kids related aka edits because since he has twitter now i do…
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RT @BarackObama: Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving th…
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#JakeBugg You've been hunting around for treasure Find it all in the simple pleasures I don't understand this life…
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RT @NaserMestarihi: Cafeterias in the Gulf been doing this ever since I was a kid.
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@GoodShepherd316 Jesus use to say about himself "I Am" as God said to Moses "I am that I am (yahweh)". Aä funny coi…
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RT @oncesaeki0304: 2020/2/25(火) 燃えこれ学園 定期公演 in 初台DOORS様 (東京都渋谷区本町1-2-1) 料金:前売2,500円/当日3,000円(1D別) 時間:Open 18:30~/Start 19:40~ Stage…
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RT @dilemmalord: people in movies waking up next to their sexy arch nemesis: oh god what happened last night me waking up to 18 ope…
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Da Nang Cathedral, Da Nang Vietnam Built in 1923
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RT @Being_Aman_: Kal Ager Koi TREND Karna Hai...toh Tag Bata do ...I will Choose & Spread it too Everyone in the morning 💯
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RT @bummyli: nicki minaj truly REBIRTHED female rap. she came in the game, made female rap mainstream dominating for an entire d…
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