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RT @bellamysroses: Anyone know if the panel is gonna be recorded or posted somewhere?
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@BraidTugger @MachinShin4 @lordmatcauthon This is not a weekend excursion. This is a serious investigation into the…
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RT @peterdaou: #VotingForBernie is trending. Are you voting for #Bernie, and if so, what are the main reasons? I'd love to hear from you...
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if KDP speaks ,everyone listens.
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@scotthannen Also, if you use our router, it would be easy for our technicians to fix if there are technical proble…
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@THE_HAKPAK Hafeez an Malik are proven failures at this level... so what if a youngster fails an takes time at leas…
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RT @AE_Hayes: My kid is on the phone with his best friend, and I just heard him say, "I'm going to go. I want to read." There was…
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RT @954Cobi: Ngl if the whole city being quarantined i think this shit bigger than what they telling us😭
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RT @siyaparmar19961: Failure is no more a permanent condition than success! For even if you succeed, there's still another test... Queen Of Hearts Rashami
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bitches spend 1 hr on their carrd and start wondering if they should switch majors to graphic design (i’m bitches)
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@kvtlvdy "Sharks could grow legs if they wanted to, they just choose not to"
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@albi_fgc @mugmannn Are we talking about ledge trapping. If so just stand outside of getup attack and react. That's…
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RT @GeorgeMonbiot: In trying to reduce the impact of our diets, we tend massively to over-emphasise #FoodMiles, and under-emphasise th…
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@RepLizCheney @RepAdamSchiff You should ask yourself if you have the Right Job cause you seem to miss some dignity:…
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Im upset because i wanted it to suck total shit if im being totally honest with everyone. At least i have New Moon…
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See that’s what I learned with people if someone is trying to put you down and say horrible things and you give int…
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1. If you will choose a boyfriend among x1 members who would it be? -either my bby hyeongjun or seungyeon or seungw…
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RT @Pratyush_Raj_: If you're trending be careful - don't use another tag - don't use tag line more then ones in your tweet - don't…
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RT @BrunoSigwela: If you have less 40K Twitter followers. Drop your usernames and let's follow you!❤✌
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@HappyDee00 @JonahDispatch OMGoodness, if only! Have you tried Rebel or KETO ice cream? Super low carb and delicious!
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