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@marty_lederman @blakesmustache @marty_lederman I assume you read @wconsovoy cert. petition in CA2C case. In your o…
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Soon as I saw the hand it explained everything
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RT @Y2SHAF: me when i talk me when negative about my friends talk myself…
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RT @FarloonPL: Oszust i bezbożnik Adamowicz pochowany w Bazylice Mariackiej, agresywny pederasta Paetz w archikatedrze poznańskiej…
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I can become increasingly destructive and alone. I am abhorring more and more vivaciously.
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@yvngdk_ Aye bro can I borrow the Ferrari for the day?
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If I make an automatic door open by accident then I have to walk in cos I don't wanna seem rude
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RT @sharil___: I wish this weather can last for at least a month. I’ll even settle for a whole day.
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i have an unhealthy obsession with tiktok 😬😬
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@PSchrags I hate Daily Fantasy.
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I don't even have the strength to read that man's tweet again defending Yakubu.
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In such feeble need for attention I'm fixing to desperately stir up controversy and post "people who use top-loader…
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idk if it’s cause i’m a metal head but i LOVE overly compressed basses (there are no rules in edm)
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RT @aloofloofah: I do much more emotional labor at my job than you whiny bitches who are too scared to text someone back and feel li…
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Laying low today with the pups. Haven’t picked and sang I’m a while. Anyone want some live music today around Aus…
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I cast my Heisman ballot for #JoeBurrow! Click the player you think deserves the Heisman House vote. (📍@NissanUSA)
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RT @pixiernjun: Renjun’s parents went to dream show today as well apparently and they also cried when they saw their son crying - I…
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I don’t even care about a breakup, but it’s wack when you got the wack version of someone and then they give their…
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