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RT @dreamjeons: i'll never get over how good jungkook looked for esquire
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RT @PujaDas87923235: I feel so grateful for those #TejRan fights. I think that really took their love for each to the next level and mad…
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RT @BTSARMYVOTE_twt: B1LLB0ARD H0T TRENDING S0NGS is an OFFICIAL chart. No matter how stupid the chart is. Besides, media has been using…
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RT @Plumjpeg: How do they keep getting her to do this
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RT @wholesomefoxx: This how Uncle Phil was in that pool hall episode
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RT @rurusburner: The suns just gave up 35 points on 71% shooting to the pistons in the first quarter, but tell me again how the Jazz are doomed.
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RT @whosyourdandy22: Millennials and Gen Z are the largest, most progressive voting demographic in the history of US voters. Do you wa…
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RT @alishanmomin23: How I would convince myself that he's not AB de Villiers.
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RT @garfxist: How divorced from reality do you have to be to think US schools are indoctrinating people into Marxism
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RT @gwensnyderPHL: I don't know how we could be any louder about the fact that a truly massive number of women are effectively impriso…
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RT @hunter_hhhh: crypto bros love to be like "proof of work" this "proof of work" that how about i show you proof of me working your…
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RT @danrosenbergnet: Hey Doug, did you know that 206 Ontarians have died from Covid in the last 5 days⁉️ That doesn’t sound like how mos…
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RT @osadxvibess: It's crazy how fast everything can change.
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@ONTOWallet @TrustToken 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Good day sir,, How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, i…
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RT @europeatin: When life pushes you to the edge, sometimes you just wish to just fade away and flee the inescapable impasse. The c…
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@urthedream how badly do you want to touch them
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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs - live stream, 🟢Go Live✅@ALLNFLLIVE .. Steelers vs. Kansas City Chief…
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@SASBurnerAcct Let’s see how your Steelers do tonight jabroni
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RT @ArrowheadAddict: How in the world was this the game plan for the offense coming into the postseason—especially against this team?
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RT @_xoxofir: News on Jinwoo tv guesting, Mino new endorsement, Seunghoon reviving his YouTube channel, Seungyoon tv guesting, al…
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