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RT @glampireslayyer: I dont know any of these beautiful women personally, but I feel like we all grew up together bonding over Mindless…
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@CFan105 @_ChrisCurtis @617Report And YES! I’d say the same exact thing if he was on any other team.
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any atlanta angels what to buy a charli ticket for this friday from me?
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RT @OscarDopeAF: I pray that my child understands math cause I won’t be any help after elementary
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RT @KrisJenner: "you can start a new chapter at any point in your life." so true, kourtney! #KUWTK
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RT @Bible_Time: Order my steps in thy word: & let not any iniquity have dominion over me. -Psalm 119:133
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RT @RayBake: @GrassleyPress @nytimes @senjudiciary Ramirez and her attorneys were smart and correct to decline to provide you or…
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thinking about how i told amy my whole story around my ocs only to end it with "i havent written any of it down" an…
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@dkmsean @johnwaddell67 Need to acknowledge that Omar Little is one of the best characters in any tv show ever
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RT @JJ_McCullough: Lavscam should leave beyond any doubt that the prime minister has too much power. He controls the attorney general,…
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@ndjrs I guess I would have to go back to last year and use his completion percentage as a key point, getting the b…
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RT @Chicago_COD: We are giving away 10 Early Access Codes for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta to this first wave of new follow…
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RT @Olivia_Gazis: The subpoena requires ODNI to produce the complaint and relevant records, including any correspondence with the Whi…
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RT @MightyBusterBro: . These kids are just getting what folks like Beto, Castro, Harris, and Booker keep repeating they deserve. After a…
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RT @sound_heavysnow: 태프계정들 써포트계정들 먼저 살리고 앓이 할께요. 😭💜 Hi, @Twitter& @TwitterSupport I've been following @KTHsupportKr @VOTE4KTH
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@terrorjester @maziehirono “The book notes, quietly, that the woman Max Stier named as having been supposedly victi…
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RT @lockhart44stud1: this year we will be doing a Senior Spirit Week the week of Senior night, please reply below with any themes/ideas!
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Couldn’t have said it any better✊🏽
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@AhNahChedz @drawandstrike @ensky66 @brithume What proof do you have if any wrong doing? You are a bigot
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RT @sharifshameem: Lambda School is unbundling the “get a job” aspect of college — are there any startups unbundling the other aspects…
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