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RT @LostTemple7: Have you Notice Friends ? Both of them studied under the guidance of same Guru...... Understand 😊
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RT @yyvveettee: i easily get attached, first week of talking and i’m already referring you as my boo to my friends
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RT @sinadmire: hello @DeinertSina i hope you have a nice day today 🤍 me and some friends created this page for you (…
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@lGraveGamingl @TONYTIM31545776 @survivetheark Me and my friends have been going crazy on getting element
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goodnight guys!! it was so wonderful meeting so many of you today ❤️❤️ I'm glad to have made so many new friends, m…
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RT @IzzRaifHarz: sorry my friends, i cant chat with you anymore 😔 KKM said so
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RT @Hu_maaan: How strangers see me VS what my friends see
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i promise after this birus librehon nako tanan friends nako gimingaw ko ey
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@Desiisfabulous @clementine_ford He has very powerful friends and Murdoch media shilled like mad for him.
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RT @dogmomleslie: I MISS MY FRIENDS
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RT @Mimirocah1: Twitter friends: today’s my mom’s 90th birthday! We can’t be together but we know how lucky we are. I interviewed a…
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RT @ctrlaltjin: “friends” by bts is the most bonkers song I have ever heard vmin were OUT OF THEIR MINDS FOR THIS!!!! HEY! HEY? HEY…
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RT @keebIerelf: sorry 2 all my friends ive been so bad at replying bc im rly depressed lately but i love U :)
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RT @frye_maggie: I just keep waiting for society to realize how insane it is to think that people can keep toddlers at home with no…
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RT @SpesX1: We can't give a Korean number. You should get the number from your Korean Twitter friends or find a separate way t…
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RT @giselleeeee_05: me missing my only three friends :(
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@TheRagDollHero //Its okay we still care about ya. Take your time and plz don't forget about friends.
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@BetterCallSaul Gordon, that episode was amazing! Excellent writing! I immediately went on Facebook looking for any…
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RT @JuliaHB1: Just a reminder that Boris Johnson is not just the Prime Minister of our country (even if you didn’t vote for him),…
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RT @Jamierodr14: WOW I bet Chuck Todd didn't expect Italian Prime Minister Conte to Praise our Amazing President in his interview.…
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