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RT @Syriaaaaidlb: A great joy for these children when we gave them the winter jackets. There are thousands of children in the camps…
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RT @Sonu1235678: Never stop playing….you haven’t won until your opponent is off the field…..and the victory is yours. PRATIK DESERVES BB TROPHY
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RT @deficonnect: Hearing how people made millions from Crypto but don't know how to go about it? Now #DefiConnect is here to teach…
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RT @DrallNft: Drop your $ETH address!👇 I prepared 1.7ETH and 5 #NFTs Turn noti and RT to win 🚀
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RT @d_slavica: @Sari_Friends1 🎉🎶🎂🎈😘My Most Beautiful Smile🎩😍 Celebrates Birthday 🎊🍾🎁🎈🎂I Wish U All the Luck🙏☘ and a Magic Smile to…
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RT @sambit42835203: Who's your favorite cricketer? PRATIK DESERVES BB TROPHY
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RT @picklescloud: @rogzy_ If you put same effort that gave you 2m job in Nigeria in the UK, you will ball for life. Also imagine not…
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@Sakaaa7SZN I've got this , Dear 🙂 ! your download is , save this link as bookmark and chec…
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RT @TheBigPic: #ICYMI, here are the official Coen brothers movie rankings. What are your top 3 Coen brothers movies?
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RT @hello2128: Trend booster Tell me your phone battery % SHAMITA DESERVES BB VICTORY
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RT @gckwancart: tips ni shopee on how to dispose your waybill to avoid scammers hehe hope this helps!
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WHCH IS YOUR FAVOURITE NFT? Retweet your fav NFT if you like it really My Favorite is Money Tree. Because they prov…
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RT @indiohistorian: “All it took for you to change your position was a Netflix movie?” 🤭 If this was Twitter, Ping would have blocked Jessica Soho.
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RT @therawdeeya: Lmfaoooo I like ruger tho but I think he’s entitled. That’s how you said in your lyrics that you were squatting and…
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RT @dotunjubal: Loneliness is not felt when you’re ALONE in your room. It is when you are surrounded by people but you have no one.
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RT @realKatiendas: Say you love her but with a box of her favorite things🥰 40-60k Few boxes left, DM to place your order❤️ Please R…
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RT @imallwell: It's always a good thing to dream because dreams come true. It could take a little longer than expected but it'll d…
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RT @Saam_baaut: stop wasting your 20s trying to find love, go get rich
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@TristanDreyer8 Thank you for your TOEIC lesson! I've learned how to choose a right preposition for the relative pronoun "which".
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