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@mrfreshasian Who cares brah. We'll still get it
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RT @jm_actual: Can everyone please retweet this for Cannon! He deserves a voice in the end. Even if the people who can won’t. We m…
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RT @AAbiodun_: The story of Pablo Escobar: The life and death of one of the biggest cocaine kingpins in history. [A Thread] Pablo…
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@Zemalf Yup I’ve gone from looking at the stupid characters in zombie films as oh come on who is that stupid to hid…
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RT @WowBigSale: Who invented this, so smart👍👍👍 🔥Get It Now!👉
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@Swamy39 If UT govt can't do justice to its citizens, then it must be dismissed. D way & haste SSR case is being tr…
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@donghaeiden_ @firelordjjk @Zak5678845 @Heeroin13 Obviously they still get nominated, they have fans who buy their…
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RT @knjkvs: uhm.....who’s college sweetheart is he?
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RT @Vilenet_update: 🎉🎉 OUR TOKEN SALE IS LIVE 💰Stand a chance to win $100 of $VLT 💰 ✅ Like pinned post ✅ Retweet pinned post ✅ Make a…
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@SophyRidgeSky I don’t mind sky news. Does some good stuff only let down by some bad presenters (not you) who see themselves as the story.
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RT @MrAndyNgo: I can now confirm that Blake Hampe is indeed an antifa member in the Portland-area. He was one of the antifa who tr…
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@thedcnation and @JorgeJimenezArt tease us a new character named "The Ghost-Maker" who will be on the cover of Batm…
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RT @natfinnonE: There’s only one person in that house who knows what regret means, and it’s Melania.
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RT @softhitipoom: Imagine dating a man who's rich, humble, a funny person, a good photographer, a good singer, family oriented, outsp…
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RT @C3rdric: Youre the only who knows what you went through. Celebrate your little wins.
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RT @_Buddha_Quotes: When I pulled out sorrow's shaft, I showed you the way. It is you who must make the effort. The masters only point the way.
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RT @KymYSmith: I finally remembered who Matt Hancock reminds me of.
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Sometimes not everyone is meant to be in your life forever there are those who was just apart of a chapter to get y…
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RT @YE0PUP: cw// nb hwx, genderfluid jxxng, dom/sub hwx's been really needy for their dom, and that eads them to sit on jxxngs…
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