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@fweyles @emidevilxre @VinnieMant @Jdcollinscpit @JenVonLee That is a very good question. I think it's based on the…
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no cause she’s on repeat i love this a lot
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Fucking raging a never checked the racing today. William of orange was a fucking stick on,
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RT @billboardcharts: .@BTS_twt's "Film Out" debuts at No. 1 on this week's #WorldDigitalSongSales chart. It earns the group its 27th ca…
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RT @Watdraws: Discord updated their NSFW support articles to indicate that iOS devices will no longer be able to access NSFW serv…
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Come on, Duel me!
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RT @SCYUNION: Let us do this just this time. Honestly, this is so disappointing. We do our job everyday by reminding you on voti…
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RT @veganfuture: Vegan Student Wins Discrimination Case: 'Study Unit On Farming Or Fail'
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RT @resplinodell: "Above all, the US & the EU must focus on bolstering a positive alternative vision of domestic political & economic…
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The night sky holds tales of chaos Yours should shine as peace ~ Ban PR Movies On Sushant
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RT @SherM_BRP: Mashal Khan’s sister who has been appealing 2 everyone & knocking every door of justice since her brother got kille…
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RT @twelvesicks: 🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿 just cus I know someone’s praying on my downfall
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RT @PrimeXBT: #Bitcoin breaks $60k on Saturday and posts a new all-time high today. But what happens next? 3 people will each…
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RT @irinatsukerman: Today I had a lot of pleasure to meet the dear professor Linda Mnouhine @lindamnu Which was more like a family r…
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RT @IDF: 23,928 stories, 23,928 legacies, 23,928 lives cut short. On Israeli Memorial Day, we mourn the IDF soldiers & vict…
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@aakrutidz_ Being called a fool is not a thing that ppl take offence's just a petty insult Bura laga ho toh sorry.
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RT @BottleFinance_: For the fastest 5000 each will receive 1000 BOT$. Follow : @BottleFinance_ @BOTFinancex retwit likes tag your frie…
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@gig2404 @Ja_to_ Moj znajda tez liczył, przed zaśnięciem i w nocy robił obchód. Jeśli wieczorem nie było kompletu s…
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RT @DuckDuckGo: The dark side = dark patterns (deceptive design elements) used by companies to coerce users into giving away their…
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