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RT @Shahnaw25063714: @SaudiMOH Dear sir please resume flight dubai to Saudi Arabia please sir request sir I'm all roll follow sir pcr te…
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I’m pre-registering a fools rush in joke for when Pope makes a positional error.
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@LosFreaklander Just dawned on me that I’m living right near these moments...Crazyyyyy I might have to attend a game. Masked of course. lol
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RT @Marta_Sibina: No queda absolutament res del manifest fundacional d’aquest partit. Ni un bri d’alè. Jo m’empeneixo molt fort d’hav…
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RT @mixxedqueenn_: I’m much too pretty to have to shovel snow... where’s a good house bitch when you need one🙄❄️ Femdom
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RT @sieuquaybanana: I don't know what time of this clip was, but I'm glad there are many fans there to cheer him up. Nana na and susu…
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@LudaLisl @the_bigfollower @shannonmstirone There is no reason for threats of sexual assault. Defending it is prepo…
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This girl tweeted "no guy is interested in me" I DMed her, "I'm interested" She deleted the tweet and posted "no…
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If you a millionaire you gotta be a class traitor to be my comrade but hey fuck it I'm jus a dude on Twitter
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@DDolphan i’m scared but i’m trusting you
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@ashamedaustrali @davrosz I’m so sorry. Your courage in writing this tweet is immense and you have all my admiration and respect ❤️❤️❤️
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@makiscrocs @jjkqts At least I'm not obsessed with fictional characters who probably wouldn't even look your way
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Piercings have become my new coping mechanism. Before the latest one is even healed....I'm ready to get the next on…
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RT @jeffxwilcox: Little known fact: none of my friends are ugly. I’m actually not friends with any ugly people. If you’re my friend…
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@KathrynLandren0 @KavalActor THANK YOU! I'm so excited to have found others who've read Kristin. 😄❤❤❤
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@HiltonLikeParis Oh she woulda trust me I’m done with those.
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It's very close to our midterms and I'm probably going to be a bit on and off here but if ever I reply late or some…
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@katheroony I'm playing it right now, so would it be alright to visit now?
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RT @ZhaneJahnice: I’m so humble yo, I take every blessing with the mindset that it can be snatched away
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