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REQUEST #SixTONES @MTV #FridayLivestream As SixTONES says ‘you don’t know the real SixTONES’, you’d be surprised i…
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This week alone we've had sampling is stealing and Rakim wasn't as impactful as you know who... Its not even Thursday yet
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na minha cabeça eu explico muito bem as coisas
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RT @fkabudu: America really is a show in and of itself. See how we're all tuned in lol. I hope the rest of the season is as good as this episode 1
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é simplesmente impossivel ver o jogo do academy com o chat aberto quando as meninas estão narrando mds que mundo escroto
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RT @SafaMote: Returning to normal would require inoculating children, as is done with other 💉 such as MMR and TDAP. The COVID 💉 s…
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RT @Alargolo1: Um breve fio sobre os contratos brasileiros sobre as aquisições de vacinas... o Brasil assinou dois contratos de co…
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RT @sunlightbutch: “boys are four times more likely than girls to be autistic” ❌ “boys are four times more likely than girls to be DIAGNOSED as autistic” ✅
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@As_TomasRoncero @edermilitao Trailer claro lleno de clinex aparcando en la puerta de tu casa, máquina! Que pases b…
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RT @JakeLobin: Not only are we celebrating #InaugurationDay Senator Jon Ossoff & Senator Raphael Warnock will be sworn in today a…
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@FoxNews how can y’all go on TV and talk all this trash about PRESIDENT Biden and democrats as a whole and say “DeM…
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RT @gregkellyusa: INTERESTING: Unlike Obama, Bush and Clinton—-President Trump thanked the SECRET SERVICE, AIR FORCE ONE AND MARINE…
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RT @softlilheart: i’ll be ur moon for as long as u want me to be
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@racheljwelcher Yes, @BethMooreLPM and I are both guilty as charged. 😆
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RT @ColumbiaBugle: Biden seeks unity among elected Republicans and Democrats so that they can punish Trump voters together. The GOP h…
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RT @ginachron: 🆘️TO DIE 20 JAN!🆘️ SKIPPER 1YR #109829 A playful lovable poppet! Feared leash and initially shy, but learning +need…
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RT @JustinTrudeau: Congratulations, @JoeBiden, on your inauguration as the 46th President of the United States. Our two countries have…
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As a Christian father it's my responsibility to protect my children from ppl like you
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RT @mehdirhasan: As of right now, the United States has a Democratic president, a Democratic Senate, and a Democratic House. This is…
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