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Maybe my favorite Floyd song. The keyboards/piano in this are so beautiful.
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To establish that he really told you those insults about the Dragon? Or maybe you wanted to put Dr. Chilton at risk? Just a little?
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RT @TrungTPhan: “If you don’t like Bitcoin at $38k, you don’t deserve it at $500k.” — Marilyn Monroe (maybe)
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Rockford Scanner™: Trauma Victim Arrives At Local ER, Maybe Related To A Scene on The West Side Details at:…
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Maybe Chucky shouldn’t flop and this wouldn’t be an issue.
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maybe I should just quit my job so I can be active :(
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@1Sh4de_ @kozyrain_ XD or I'd Ben brainstorming so much that I wouldn't be able to find one. Maybe after a night's…
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RT @rkelchen: The upcoming fiscal year is looking really good for state higher education funding. States are loading up on one-ti…
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Por alguna razón mi tl a estas horas se encuentra repleto de contenido [más que nada memes] de Euphoria, no sé si s…
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@ugen225 辞書ひいてよかった! 知ってるような気がしても、やっぱりちゃんと確認しないとな!
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@jansjay maybe the will, but wizards over rating the trade vavalue of its young players & the complication of NBA trades...
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@CTVNews Maybe the unelected bureaucrats should have foresaw problems and chosen not to take stupid, ineffective measures.
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@dianaberrent The mechanism is not understood, and the double blind benefit is moderate (maybe 30% fewer severe cas…
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RT @AgwamboKen2: Maybe Amina bullied NTV to delete that tweet. #TTTT
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@LainyMariee all it takes is one bad experience 😩 so i feel that lol my advice since you’ve never had them before w…
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@ShadowShock5 @Rage_54 @Xbox @ATVI_AB Maybe if Sony wasn’t so anti consumer it would eliminate the problems
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@Mayokiddo_ just remembered one i think still works maybe
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RT @RekietaMedia: TONIGHT at 11PM Central: My Lawyer's response to Law and Crime, the orders in the cases I…
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@MarcieP40791741 Maybe that’s what it is. I just don’t want to be around people
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maybe that was the only way they could work another show in, like its logistics idk, i don't see it as too big of a…
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