Aggie Villanueva

Aggie Villanueva


Retweet rank: 173,020 - approx 97.22 percentile

Location: USA
Bio: Bestselling award-winning author; award winning photographic artist.

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  2.       RT @visualartsaggie: Unreasonable Self-Promotion Policies at Some LinkedIn Groups Turn Members into Leeches Rather than Peers

  3.       RT @visualartsaggie: When so many authors don't read the rules of Amazon it makes it really hard to educate them. My jaw just dropped...

  4.       RT @visualartsaggie: RT @AiAuthors: Teaching Authors to Violate Amazon’s Review Guidelines - @visualartsaggie

  5.       RT @visualartsaggie: The Genesis of the Novel MRS. LIEUTENANT: Inspired by Actual Events via @sharethis

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