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Screenings coming up in #York #Oldham #Bristol #Exeter and more with Director and @vfpuk in Q&A discussions
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RT @SMTOWNGLOBAL: Welcome to New York, NCT 127 👉 👉 #NCT #NCT127…
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RT @seanmdav: The New York Times gave this person prime real estate on its op-ed page to peddle non-sensical anti-Trump conspirac…
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"Father Saves Toddler After Dingo Drags Him Away From Sleeping Family" by DANIEL VICTOR via NYT The New York Times
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RT @JoyceWilliams_: #FridayThoughts #FridayReads #Ageism If this piece was widely read, we might transform the #OldAge scenario. An ex…
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RT @RealSaavedra: New York Post's Friday cover: TRUMP CLEAN
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New York test mug Meetup-nhIVfVHt
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RT @NCTsmtown_127: Welcome to New York, NCT 127 #NCT #NCT127 #NEOCITY #SUPERHUMAN #슈퍼휴먼 #NEOCITY_TOURBUS…
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RT @Andreakomio: En Nueva York ocurre el foro: "Protectoras de la Memoria: Genocidio en Guatemala". Presentan: Irma Alicia Velásquez…
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Hey, @AOC , are you going to object to this one too? Or is it okay because they made a documentary about you?…
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RT @ray_hutchings: Here’s a couple of pictures of 60009 Union of South Africa as she passes Leyland on the way to the National Railway…
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RT @garyjkemp: What a thrill to have this man join us on stage tonight at the Beacon in New York. See you all there for another sh…
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@PauloGuedesMF aprendeu a mentir também ? Nova York não quis a premiação! Vai enganar trouxa em outra freguesia!!
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RT @brianklaas: If Bill Barr watched Titanic, he’d describe it as a film about 700 people getting slightly delayed on the way to Ne…
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RT @ufoaem: NOTICIA IMPORTANTE : El 'New York Times' revela un misterioso programa de EEUU para avistar OVNIs. El programa rec…
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NYC News New Banking Partnership Offers Services to Brooklynites
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RT @ByronYork: New: Mueller, Trump, and 'two years of bullshit.'
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RT @AlbertoRavell: Reserva Federal de Nueva York restringe a bancos de Puerto Rico tras expansión de sanciones a Venezuela
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RT @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y: @RepJerryNadler I'm deeply troubled at your hypocrisy and the fact that somehow you convince the people of New York to vote for you
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RT @AOC: Words cannot describe how proud I am of the grassroots organizers & officials (including Queens’ own @Costa4NY!) be…
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