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RT @ComplexMusic: It's been 5 years since @Drake dropped #NWTS. Tell us your favorite track.
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RT @ItsBravin: Legalize Marijuana, Tax it 40% and See how Githurai 45 alone Funds SGR phase 2 in just a Year. Meanwhile Juja will…
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RT @xvvvier: i’m praying for the person i will become in 5+ years. I pray that i’ll be happy, loved, financially stable, and living my best life
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RT @brfootball: Happy birthday, Camp Nou! 🏟️💙❤️ 61 years of ✨
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RT @lewis_ritson: Disappointed in NUFC, been intouch with my manager telling them a need to take all nufc logos off merchandise/cloth…
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@c_aashish @a_muglikar Jaude...I am tired of these fellows...there must be some way to put MH's social history and…
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Former Habs forward forced to retire at just 24 years of age.
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RT @Humtvnetwork: #7YearstoHumsafar | You were invested, you cried with Khirad, you hated “Mummy” and you felt frustrated with Sara.…
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RT @bangtale: epiphany // kim seokjin voice is not in its good condition but anyways after years finally i made a cover again ✨
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What GDPR Means to American Firms? - GDPR was passed several years ago and implemented across the EU on May 25th.…
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@toon_tx It took years to figure out a businessman treats a business like a business?? 🤯
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RT @Oniropolis: The ruins of Mobutu's palace at Gbadolite (photographs by John Wessel)
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RT @McFaul: To those asking/ridiculing today, I proudly served 5 years in the Obama Administration. Yes, we made some mistakes.…
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What works for @Tesla will work for @Audi right? Audi e-tron buyers will be able to place an order at all 303 U.S.…
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RT @jennaaclaire: If I’m not sitting on a fancy balcony wearing cute lingerie with a glass of champagne in hand in a foreign country…
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RT @horowitz39: So now two drunk leftist women, with foggy memories ("where was I?) have come forward after 35 and 37 years to tor…
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RT @senthorun: Heterosexuality must be so fragile if kids are ‘indoctrinated’ into ‘gay lifestyles’ by just seeing gay people kiss…
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RT @Redpainter1: Kavanaugh claiming to have calendars from the last 36 years is totally believable. I mean, people always calendar t…
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RT @PrettyboiiDB_9: If you ever did some fuck shit to me and i don’t immediately respond. Don’t ever trust me again, my petty ass will…
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@MikeFrancesa One year ago today and two years ago today and basically every beginning of every season
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