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RT @AustinJenkinsN3: Tumwater spokeswoman says civilian shot and killed suspected gunman/carjacker in parking lot of Tumwater #walmart.…
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RT @caitlynthomo: One last time for the people in the back If #KELTA isn’t a team next year y’all missed a really good opportunity 😻😿…
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A year ago today 😩😜 #ThemBennettGirls ❤️
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@67Kelechi Great spirit , it would help to show urgency & hunger on the field though. The teams getting results t…
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RT @hannahnurmi: the boy I cried about for 3 months took me out for a beer last night—he claims to have made the biggest mistake of…
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RT @faithgalleon: You guys obviously haven't watched 📍 Serendipity 📍 Sleepless in Seattle 📍 Say Anything 📍 Notting Hill 📍 Only You 📍…
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RT @roryc0yne: happy one year anniversary to "you bitches can't even SPELL prague"
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@8richard6 @joanlorraine1me Wow! He should write a book on how to live like a king on $104k a year!
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RT @URGENTPODR: PLEASE SHARE!! MAXIMO - 31321 aka A1083303 - RETURNED TWO YEARS LATER – DECLAWED – Maximo is a neutered and declaw…
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RT @kaitlinmaarie: This eight year old kid was tortured with BB guns, locked in closets, and was force-fed feces all because they thou…
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@mpnovak @kaitlynpake Lol I was very confused until I saw the original post here 😂 but no, oddly enough, 3 Year’s l…
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My two year old cousin is doing my makeup. Y’all can imagine what i look like rn
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RT @JacobAWohl: Robert Mueller to charge everyone watching this year’s Moscow World Cup with Russian Collusion
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RT @Marie_Lu: I’m begging you. If you are old enough to vote this year, PLEASE. REGISTER. AND. VOTE. And sign up your friends. Th…
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RT @KTHdatabase: nominations for Most Handsome Face of 2018 by tccandler is officially open. Nominate Kim Taehyung frm South korea…
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@lipstickvegan Check out "Go Green Fashionista 10 Year Anniversary: 3 Day Celebration" via @Eventbrite
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RT @tccandler: Last Year's Winners of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces & The 100 Most Handsome Faces... and automatic nominees for the…
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RT @lustedafter: Father’s Day is the one day a year when a dad can dress up like a total slut and no other dads can say anything else about it.
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RT @TheIncredibles: The 14 year wait is over, dahling. 💥 See #Incredibles2, now playing in theatres.
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RT @NurAfifah: Eid Mubarak everyone! Check out my brother and my sister in law yearly Eid tradition 😂 2 years ago: Star Wars Las…
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