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How do y'all PhD fellas enjoy life. It should be us!
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RT @justdarell_: why do girls always have random ass bruises on their legs lmao y’all are like apples
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RT @spideyomaris: Alright y’all, quick question? You prefer Zendaya or Zendaya? Personally, y’all give Zendaya too much hype when Zen…
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RT @QasimRashid: Silent when they banned refugees Silent when they banned Muslims Silent when they banned asylees Now—CBP has arres…
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RT @MadameSocrates: Y’all done Sco pa tu manaa’d the damn TL to death. ENOUGH
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RT @adoonquah: Before XXL Freshman 19 come out, just wanted to remind y’all of how raw class of 16 was
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RT @Harden2x_: To my followers, It started off with Simp2x, which was funny at first I’m not going to lie. But now, y’all are lit…
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Y’all I’m under investigation, I just got a subpoena in the mail Nd I’m being summoned to court for lewd conduct and fear mongering
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RT @minjungslut: What I’m hearing is....the VMA’s created a SEPARATE category specifically for bts not to win all the awards they DE…
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RT @KlondikeBrat: when I tell y’all I wanted to scream when I saw the look on my professors face
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RT @reIayer: Parents can break your heart too, but y’all not ready for that conversation🥺
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RT @seungwoonism: Seriously i don't care if y'all want to jail mnet, i just want my boys live peacefully. Their dream barely started,…
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RT @aobahoya: and y'all still refuse to believe the "kpop" title isn't harming bts. they've been outselling all these western act…
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RT @lifeofdes06: Fam I like Donald but y’all need to relax. Jamie Foxx is elite bruh.
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Aye y’all sholl want niggas to last long as hell
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RT @Superdavee1: When y’all sit on our lap stop asking I hurting you 😂 ..we skraight fam sheesh
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RT @chelle_latrice: I ain't seen a MCM post all summer y’all bitches wasn't playin this year 😂😂😂😂😂
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RT @Qajims: We weren't super close friends or anything but we used to work together & she was in one of my earliest videos, one…
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RT @IamPetrah: I’m grateful for all your wishes and gifts it made me very happy! God bless y’all🙏🏾 Remember my new song #fufuNśa i…
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please omg KAGEHINA love simon au is happening i’m a genius,, but y’all are gonna have to help me figure out the re…
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