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@phoenixpolice So basically the police are investigating themselves only to discover the police have done nothing wrong.
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RT @NayBabii: “Y’all ever deal with someone who literally convinces themselves that what they did wasn’t bad or wrong, manipulati…
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When Canadians walk into a hospital or a doctor’s office we start by explaining what’s wrong and seeking treatment.…
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@VicenteLeah @_alexisojeda @Blainisamazing What I’m saying is, as I stated above, is that you were wrong
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RT @smokee_smb: I think I was trippin just focused on the wrong thangssss
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RT @marklutchman: This might offend people but, Veterans only get one officially recognized day but LGBT get a whole month. I say,…
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RT @g4yIord: me: [says wrong name during sex] my bf:“ who the fuck is animal crossing new horizons”
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esmaspäev, teisipäev, kolmapäev, neljapäev, reede, laupäev, pühapäev -- forgot the last two -- but honestly what da…
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@JohnOberg @TheCryptoLark Pathetic. Wtf is wrong with the world. Let’s burry the people alive doing this. Slow de…
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RT @LikeMikeYoung: I’m not saying it’s anything wrong with mixed kids but non black women fetishize them and so do black men 🧐🤔
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@TryHardesty Michael Pachter has been saying stupid shit like this for a decade and he’s wrong like 90% of time. So…
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RT @ToniQueene: transphobia is anti science transphobia is bio essentialist transphobia is misogynistic transphobia is patriarch…
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RT @MailSport: A doomed marriage: Chelsea players bored by training and Maurizio Sarri refused lie-ins, he alienated fringe player…
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Fugues - Killing me softly (with his wrong answers) #edurapanthems
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@HYOMOYVES Girl whats wrong with you?? Stop hating on him it's okay to not like him but saying he should leave the group is too much!!
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@Boswell221B It is of no consequences to me. I didn't do anything wrong, he was just way too sensitive
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@tweetque__ You not wrong 😂🤷🏾‍♂️
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RT @JawaunOfficial: Fuck is wrong with people
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RT @SIR_YUYU: Because she's a lady doesn't mean if she's wrong, you should still back her up blindly because you are fu*king thir…
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