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RT @dika_han91: what's good about J-Music is it's not only J-Pop which is famous, their J-Rock is also famous, some bands like L'Ar…
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RT @jolynnnne: IM FUCKING DEAD this girl went to the worst rated mua in her city and the girl doing her makeup is out of this worl…
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RT @Sankei_news: 中国政府、香港の審議延期に「支持と理解」  →一方で、香港から中国本土への容疑者引き渡しを可能にする条例改正案について「現行法制度の抜け穴を埋める」ために必要だとし、改正を支持する中国政府の立場を改めて表明
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RT @brfootball: @Cristiano Portugal vs. Spain. The World Cup. 88th minute. 3-2 down. Clutch CR7 💪
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RT @declanwalsh: I interviewed General Mohamed Hamdan, known as Hemeti, whose fighters led the brutal assault on protesters in Khart…
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RT @TheCanaryUK: Palestinian and Jewish activists call on musician and social justice activist Xavier Rudd to cancel concerts in Isr…
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@SenSchumer @senatemajldr @realDonaldTrump Why bother asking? Stop debating things like everything is a big f-ing m…
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RT @OVOSound: The Best In The World Pack @Drake
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RT @spectatorindex: Largest economies in the world, 2019. ($ trillion) 1. US: 21.3 2. China: 14.2 3. Japan: 5.1 4. Germany: 3.9 5. In…
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RT @guardian: Cold War Steve: satire is my antidote to a scary world
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RT @JohnStossel: Journalists often report the U.S. has the most mass shooters in the world. They base that on ONE study. But the st…
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RT @zoyakim1996: #ArmysHelpSudan Basiclly there is media shadow so people around the world they dont know what is happening there
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RT @Gigz: World First 2 man for the entire Crown of Sorrow raid w/ my man @T1Vendetta
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It was never like that. It was just my life coach. Wtaff. Then this hail Mary when look at my writing and pics. Rea…
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RT @ewarren: Health care is a basic human right—and we fight for basic human rights. When I lead the Democratic Party, we will b…
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Big Pakistan-India clash can save drenched World Cup
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RT @IamKayRay: If these girls continue like this I will not watch their World Cup C Ronaldo will score 1 goal and remove his shir…
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"I often imagine a world where nature and I are in a vacuum — away from the lingering constraints of the Deep South…
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RT @BrianSimsPA: IN YOUR CORNER: Are you Trans, Gender Queer, Non-Binary, or Two-Spirit and feeling like you’ve got no one in your c…
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