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Certain words. action-centred and results-driven work ethic to execute your duties and ؟? سےفے نمشے
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I got to work, it smells so i had to be here when i get saturday off at least it's great tho i always feel terrible lmao
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தம்பி மகன் 14 வயது Tennis categoryல் US National level Top 100ல் வந்திருக்கிறார். His hard work, continuous practic…
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RT @miwon17_: Hoshi IG story "To svt sunbaenim Hello sunbae! we're Lesserafim. We're happy & honoured to give u our debut album.…
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😭Soooo my phone doesn’t work. Thank God for back ups
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RT @thejustinwelsh: Solopreneurship 101: Don't quit your job and then start building your own business. Find 60 minutes per day to wo…
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vendo a hora de alguém vir me dar um soco no quarto pq tô escutando something good can work pela 2827282 vez seguida...
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Not a lot less, but less You shouldn't be starving Eating 20% less than what you burn could work but I'd imagine t…
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RT @crackconnoisser: how white people leave work fridays
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RT @Entame_Panda: CASETiFY(ケースティファイ)は何故人気?インスタ映えスマホケースの魅力を解説 #エンタメぱんだドットコム #casetify #エースティファイ #スマホケース #iPhoneケース #ガジェット
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i wish that u could just kinda like... do things... if i could i would buy plane tickets to japan and tickets for f…
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RT @hwithoven: The flower stands from @NineOfficial_TH & @Nine_JPFC, for #INTO1stAnniversary exhibition at Kobe, are so beautiful~…
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RT @YssSpeaks: Conspiracy Exposed This case is totally BOGUS, it's just a conspiracy of political matter to defame & break our san…
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RT @iaisotria: Unwinding after a long days work #エレヒス #AttackOnTitan #ShingekiNoKyojin
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Nothing hits harder than a beer after a long day at work.
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Kinda pissed I had work bc I wanted to go with them lol sir put me on @oneWAYchieF tad 💀💀
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I'm currently trying to do school work but but fruits basket ...
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RT @yerintopic: um jihoon (gfriend's stylist who work for yerin's aria) said on her ig post "i said i won't play with girl group an…
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@Peatches66 Jen, {{{HUGS}}} Life changes are difficult and scary. You didn’t ruin anything. You made a life change.…
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If you’ve got EarPods on and work in Retail I’ve got not choice but to talk louder to you. Your choice
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