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I'm really not smart enough to handle disputes at the border and how we should work, but there must be a better way to do this. #ICE #USA
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@Mhussein9911 @AlexaBliss_WWE For me I'd say the fact that she gets to work with Ronda. Will bring more mainstream…
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@harrison1871rfc Liking your work.
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RT @JasonHalle: Question: If #Russians started "sneaking" into Alaska, would #ICE immediately go up there & start building…
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Now Donald Trump can get back to the important work of separating his followers from their consciences.
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RT @AtlaTheWriter: One thing creators often get trapped in is the mentality that they are to blame for their lack of time to create. W…
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RT @thebradfordfile: Trump: I have an immigration fix. Schumer: No thanks. Trump: Why? Schumer: It includes a wall. Trump: A wall wi…
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RT @derekcostelloo: Header for @llKevi Client Work ! Retweets & Likes Appreciated :)!
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RT @_katehowe: Do I have time to stop for a coffee before work? No. Am I stopping for a coffee before work? Yes.
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RT @surrra11: that shit: hurted miss kesha: dead kyle: step tf up road work: ahead welcome: to chili’s trey: point guard avocad…
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RT @PROJECTEXOL: We are almost at 200k tweets and the hash tag is not trending not even at 20 place. I am really mad and sad, twit…
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Without documents, one of the only jobs available to LGBTI refugees is sex work. Unable to negotiate contracts, und…
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My work put a sign out that we’re closing early at 1:30 due to a family emergency and people really just looked at…
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My Aunty called and said “Hopeton you work too hard I worry you’ll forget about me.”
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RT @dearphilly: "maybe we can find someone to do it" @nailogical YOU GOT WORK HONEY PAINT @danielhowell's nails please
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RT @IrenaDrezi: I lived here for two years, we had a curfew and couldn’t work. We got free food and a roof over our heads but we ha…
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@jf_bardwell @Banalysiss @SmashRacismDC @mdc_dsa @DC_IWW There is really only one thing a person of conscience who…
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@Javedakhtarjadu The abusive responders, fake or real, are actually multiplying respects for you that you have earn…
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RT @_mwes: Work smart, not hard 😂😂😂
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RT @dabeard: ICE lied, told flight attendants the kids were a soccer team. They weren't. Now this flight attendant won't work wh…
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