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RT @DalaiLama: In the past, our nations were more or less independent of each other. People lived in villages that were self-suffi…
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#BadNewsBiden. Nothing but bad news.....the words ‘abject failure’ comes to mind. #BidenAdministrationIsaDisaster My opinion
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RT @DentonKollar: "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. "By thi…
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RT @jayareddyv: #akhilsarthak when you get a chance please go through this thread - Reason for you to be in runnerup position rathe…
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just remember the more you qrt saying words to me (over an anime character??? 😭) the more you are f***ing miserable
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RT @Craigor47238257: Henry Kissinger says Taiwan cannot be at the core of negotiations between the U.S. and China After WH walked back…
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@ANI Mark my words he is planning to leave @INCIndia and join @BJP4India very soon. Warna ye muh aur masoor ki dal hajam nahin hota
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Hahahaa not this silly psychiatrist saying that de curry who spent time with amber while this psychiatrist only has…
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愛が欲しくて愛想笑い 夢が見たくて不眠症 [Waltz Of Anomalies]
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@KandissTaylor Crypto Fascist Christians. The Founding Fathers did all they could to prevent it. They wrote out t…
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RT @blackhawkinc: #Pfizer affirms that its agreement with Washington under “Other Transaction Authority” permits Pfizer to violate cl…
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RT @philrees2010: @Mike_Fabricant Watching this without the sound and not looking at the text just seems like Starmer always looks-mo…
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・ 私は苺が大好き 真っ赤な苺が大好き あなたの苺が大好き 冷たい苺が大好き 毎日 毎日 毎日食べたい あなたと あなたと あなたと食べたい あなたと苺で天国ランデブー (chiaki『苺ROCK』より)
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RT @NeilJacobs: I was blocked by Raoul for posting this video of him in his own words. I will be reposting it periodically. Strei…
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RT @UNICEF: Her last words were: "I'm alright." 18-year-old Viacheslav's mother was killed after shelling hit their home in Uk…
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RT @nastyblinker: just putting random words together i’m crying
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RT @awaazzz: actions always prove why words mean nothing . . Sushant Born To Rule Hearts
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RT @MarkWigginsTX: Y'all need to be listening to the #SpEd Funding Commission. Pro-voucher witness is testifying voucher schools don't…
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RT @ClimateHuman: People are telling me they're surprised to see a conversation like this in the mainstream media. If you are a clima…
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