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I'm always like🖕🏾ManUtd/Naija, I won't let them stress me blah blah! But when match day comes, I'm racing to that T…
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When I was in high school Red Sox and Yankees fans would wear their hats to school if their team won the night befo…
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RT @shellymaxwell: @LadySif2017 @AliAdair22 It SHOULD! ITS HEARTBREAKING..... but it won't
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jaemin won effortlessly since he is from sm (4)
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RT @RuncieDan: Kanye’s current situation should be a lesson. He got the @adidas 💰 from Yeezys 👟(5% royalties on net sales. est. $…
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Jessie already died for us before 🤷🏿‍♂️ one mo time won’t hurt 😅
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Feminist male 😂 They won't shag you pal
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RT @captainkalvis: depression: ok so you won’t be able to eat me: got it depression: or answer texts me: sure depression: but you’…
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@ryzuin I won't be silenced..
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RT @MrLuisiSSC58: Congrats @Maggi1020 on a great career🎉. SSCPS58 won't be the same without you! #WeCanRKR58 @MsGuarella58 @SIBOD31
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@TheRealPCB It was the worse fielding after such a good start by Amir & Shaheen! Fielders were lazy not interested…
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RT @jaywekem: So won't you the IT people created an *uber* for cargo cars, pickups and aboboyaas? Like u jx order and they come p…
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It’s not even noon, and I’ve already been hit with Paranoid Angry Child Support Man, Bagel Lady 2.0, Sovereign Citi…
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RT @bridgetgillard: It's been one year since @AOC won her primary. I got to spend three days with the Cardi B of Capitol Hill last week:
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Leeds Mattress "Won't Be Beat!
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RT @atrupar: Trump, in full rant mode just moments into his Fox Business phone interview, won't even let @MariaBartiromo get a q…
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Finding out I won’t get paid from work on my normal pay date, and knowing that my holiday is on Tuesday is literall…
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RT @urgewald: Together with meanwhile more than 40 NGOs, civil society groups & campaign networks, we demand a stop of all crimin…
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RT @hfltd: Play #WorldCupWithHeritage and get a chance to win exciting gift hampers. 250 prizes to be won whenever India plays…
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Few more weeks and I’ll be okay won’t be as busy, stressed, and tired. Don’t give up on me please I know you get ir…
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