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RT @f0lake: The fact that i have to pay rent every month is antiblack as fuck. Like just say you hate black women and go!
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@michs50 @RaychelTania @fleetadmiralj @ChuckGrassley Those women shouldn't be believed? Or is it when the accused is just a Republican?
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RT @FoxNews: Women rally in support of Kavanaugh: 'We know the man, we know his heart'
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@BarackObama Too many women in the USA are using their experiences to destroy the reputations of men they knew in t…
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RT @mywritersnook: New #bookreview out! The Secret Language of Women by @ninsthewriter For lovers of historica…
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RT @FoxNews: Women rally in support of Kavanaugh: 'We know the man, we know his heart'
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Essential Beauty Tips For Women
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RT @kenolin1: There is nothing more arrogant, more insensitive, more ignorant than old men judging what is and is not the appropr…
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RT @shannoncoulter: Why don't women report? An Anchorage man who just strangled a woman unconscious and masturbated on her then pled gu…
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RT @chadloder: Hey guys, a clue. Women don’t feel safe telling men “No, I’m not interested.” Some men get aggressive when rejecte…
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RT @Hadtwohurt: Why women live longer than men.
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RT @JessForevrYoung: Beto O’Rourke was asked “What can you do for Black women in Texas?” This was his response. CMON TEXAS!
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RT @bennyjohnson: CNN asked women if they believe Judge Kavanaugh. This was not the response they were expecting. Wow.
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As their are some (maybe very little cases, mental disable/illness etc) also have desire on girls/women/kids, and t…
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RT @BSOAzad_Karachi: We strongly condemn the cruelty of state against the Baloch Women. Pakistani forces again abducted Baloch women fro…
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RT @ImNotABarbiie: Men are always forcing the narrative that women don’t appreciate a good guy 😂 Maybe you’re chasing the wrong women ?
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RT @MikeDrucker: “Why don’t the women whose lives we’re ruining for coming forward talk sooner?” is truly quite an argument
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RT @GoIvanti: #MySuperPower spotlight: Perseverance, patience, organization, creativity, team spirit, and leadership are the supe…
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RT @LiverpoolReSis1: The Resisters took the ferry across the Mersey today to make women’s voices heard. Sex-based rights matter! Biology…
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RT @SKEEerra: women who can braid their own hair are more powerful than thanos
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