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RT @tiredpali: Thinking of this wonder woman, Manal Issa, a Lebanese actress, when this queen held a placard condemning the bloods…
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RT @westerosies: Carice van Houten, who played Melisandre the Red Woman on Game Of Thrones, was arrested in the Netherlands yesterda…
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@ask_aubry No living woman is willing to go anywhere near him aniymore, so he goes to fictional ones.
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RT @jnkoopsies: the coolest woman that i know 😩
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@KatrielleBun @sarahtheeggyet1 @MForstater @polblonde Look, everyone can learn to love and accept themselves and th…
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@theLGBgroup Good cause it doesn’t belong there. Everyone is sick of having to bend backwards to this trans cult n…
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RT @N3weis: >Rightwinger sees a cute woman "I AM A NAZI GAY PEDOPHILE!"
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RT @FLyForCongress: There is no surprise that the woman who targeted Muslims in the state of Texas is touting the record Mass Criminal…
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RT @kwh_1960: I always wondered HOW #Brexit could have happened Then I watched British press make Brits believe that a woman pra…
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RT @bolu_ay: Deleted a tweet condemning an innocent woman’s murder by extremists and then rendered an apology on Facebook and yo…
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RT @Bqmbulu: My wish is that you may experience the madness of a woman's love.
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RT @JebraFaushay: A man who is now a woman, wants to date women, but get pregnant himself but it’s now herself. This is basic scienc…
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RT @N3weis: >Rightwinger sees a cute woman "I AM A NAZI GAY PEDOPHILE!"
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RT @MrAndyNgo: The Australian government demanded Twitter remove tweets by women's advocate @jazzmoi3 after she wrote that males a…
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Margaret on @BBCCountryfile What an extraordinary woman.
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@wngxnpll that's the craziest part fr like female handmaidens really think that if they worship the girldick they w…
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RT @Chula_babyyyy: A man in his 30s has more chances of attracting women than a man in his 20s. A woman in her 20s has more chances o…
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RT @carrizomarcela: A great man talking about a great woman #HandeErcel #KeremBursin Cc TikTok
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28.05.2023 Napoleon✍️ Kamala Harris with baby brain coded after stealing my data she will be that asian woman clos…
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